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026 92[Icon] Withdrawing as a Provider of Mental Health Services and Transfer to the Peninsula Regional Support N
027 92[Icon] Repealing and Revoking Certain Licenses to Use Right-of-Way; Along Beaver Valley Road (County Road #
028 92[Icon] Conveying a County Road to the Quinault Indian Nation: Queets Cannery Road
029 92[Icon] Adding Language to the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan Energy, Conservation and Facilities eleme
030 92[Icon] Establishing the Name for a Private Road; Lea Way
031 92[Icon] Updating the Official County Road Log; North Sandy Shore Road (See Also Minutes of March 23, 1992)
032 92[Icon] Establishing an Industrial Insurance Reserve Fund
033 92[Icon] Budget Transfers; Various County Departments
034 92[Icon] Establishing the Dates of 1993 Budget Submissions, Review Hearings and Final Adoption
035 92[Icon] Partial Repeal of Resolution No. 69-83 Affecting Tax Parcel #721022001 Located in Section 2, Townshi
036 92[Icon] Establishing a Cash Drawer Amount for the Animal Services, Animal Shelter Set at $20.00
037 92[Icon] Assignment of Water Line Franchise in Port Ludlow from Ludlow Utilities to Pope Resources
038 92[Icon] Establishing the Name for a Private Road; Summertree Drive (Port Ludlow)
039 92[Icon] Notice of Hearing on Application for Franchise; Construct, Operate and Maintain a Cable Television S
040 92[Icon] Establishing County Commissioner Districts Redistricting - Adopted Preferred Alternative (Option A)
041 92[Icon] Creating CR1050; Oak Bay Road Culvert and Retaining Wall Repair
042 92[Icon] Temporary restriction of traffic on Teal Lake Road, County Road No. 505309; Portion closed for const
043 92[Icon] Increasing the Cash Drawer amount for the Solid Waste Fund
044 92[Icon] Notice of Hearing on Application for Franchise - Jefferson County PUD No.1; Hearing Set for June 22,
045 92[Icon] Re-issue Notice of Public Hearing; On Application for Franchise - Western Cable Service; Replaces Re
046 92[Icon] Hearing Notice re: Proposed Budget Extensions - Jefferson County Health Department Hearing set for J
047 92[Icon] Establishing Salaries of County Commissioner Districts, Amending Resolution No. 78-90 and Fixing Cos
048 92[Icon] Revising County Road Project CR1003; Minor Grading and Clearing, and Installation of Traffic Beacon:
049 92[Icon] Adopting the Coastal Counties Ocean Resource Policies
050 92[Icon] Establishing the Name for a Private Road; Bluff Lane
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