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<br />COUNTY OF JEFFERSON, STATE OF WASHINGTON <br /> <br />~c-rt.. <br /> <br />IN TEE MATTER OF FLOOD CONTROL ON CI&R) RESCLUTION TO ASSUME OBLIGATIONS <br />WATER RIVER IN JEFFERSON COUNTY, WASH:' ~ REQ,UIRE.'D BY UNITED STATES <br /> <br />WHEREAS' The United States had made funds available for flood contrtl <br /> <br />and for damages caused by flood waters of the Clearwater River in Jefferson <br /> <br />County, Washington; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, such funds cannot be used until and unless local responsible <br /> <br />age~ci.s have given proper assurance as follows:: <br /> <br />a. That all needed lands, easements, rights of way, rights of entry, <br />qua~r7, gravel pit or other material rights will be furnished to the United <br />States of America and its contractors without cost to the Government} <br /> <br />b. That the Government will be held free from any damages resulting <br />froPl the work; <br /> <br />o. That the local agencies will maintain and operAte the works after <br />comPletion; <br /> <br />4. That the local agencies will extend the protection provided by the <br />Go~ernment, if necessary, to halt future erosion which may occur downstream <br />!rqm the completion of the work; and <br /> <br />. WHEIlEAS, ~ tl~ has the right and power <br /> <br />~.~ such action as appears necess ry for the protection of any property <br /> <br />.~thin its bounds and it is the judgment of the undersigned that such assur- <br /> <br />ance. should be given as are needed to. comply with conditions laid down in <br /> <br />the Act of Congress providing money for this improvement, or required by <br /> <br />the Corps of Engineers, U. S. Armr. <br /> <br />"$t., <br />TEEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED BY the Board of County Commissioners <br />of Jefferson County, Washington, that SUd,/~- '69 <br />does hereby assume and agree to perform twY'above-named obligations; and <br />there is hereby granted to the United States of America, its agents and its <br />contractors, the right to enter on ~d perform any necessary work on or <br />about any of the land within said ~ ~ <br /> <br /> <br />BOARD JEFFERSO.t'4 OUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />(SEAL) <br /> <br /> <br />. f;hp;- &~1?- <br /> <br />