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.2.p.3 <br />RESOLUTION NO. 16-84 <br />ESTABLISHING NEW DATES FOR APPROVAL AND <br />SIGNING OF CURRENT EXPENSE AND SPECIAL FUNDS VOUCHERS <br />WHEREAS, existing policy dictates that all Current Expense and <br />Special Funds vouchers be approved and signed by the Board of County Commis- <br />sioners on the first and third Mondays of each month for the previous <br />month's bills; and <br />WHEREAS, in order to improve the efficiency of computer schedul- <br />ing and the bill paying process, it is necessary to change the dates of <br />said voucher approval and signing; now, therefore, <br />BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Jefferson County Commissioners, <br />that all Current Expense and Special Funds vouchers be presented to said <br />Board by the Auditor's office for approval and signing on the second and <br />third Mondays of each montYday <br />ffective as of March, 1984. <br />APPROVED this of February, 1984. <br />SEAL d �. <br />y , <br />ATTEST:;;7' <br />erdine C. r <br />ler. the BPaQ <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />1 <br />