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<br />c(:.:)ld./,'./..,..~ ,1 ' <br />. i,ÍI' '" lie.. 'L p; I <br />'..;tj:t6-r¡, " <br />..' .? 21-~ <br />~ v . CJ <br /> <br />----, <br /> <br />~88723 <br /> <br />r <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. 25-84 <br />(RESOLUTION GRANTING FRANCHISE ON COUNTY ROAD RIGHTS-OF-WAY) <br /> <br />WHEREAS, an Application for Franchise has been submitted by <br />Jefferson couht~Water District No.1, <br />a true copy of w ich is attached hereto, for the purposes set; out <br />in the said Application, and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, hearing on the said Application was held before the <br />Board of County Commissioners of Jefferson County, Washington, on <br />Monday 19 , 1984 , at the hour of 11: 30 (a.m.) ~1IK) , <br />pursuant to the provisions of~W 36.55, after notice given as <br />required by law, and <br /> <br />WHEREAS,it appears to be in the public interest to grant the <br />said franchise request, NOW, THEREFORE, <br /> <br />IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that a franchise be and it is hereby <br />granted to the applicant named above (GRANTEE) for a period of <br />twenty-five (25) years from the date of this Resolution, to in- <br />stall, operate, maintain, repair and use a Public Water Works <br />System <br />in, under, along and across that portion of county road rights-of- <br />way described as follows: ' <br /> <br />All streets and alleys in Paradise View Estates <br />All streets and alleys in Paradise Bay Estates <br />All county road rights of way in Sec. 26, Twp 28 N, Rg. I E.W.M. <br />All county road rights of way in ~E~ NE% and the SE~ NE~ of <br />Sec. 27,Twp. 28 N, Rg. I E W.M. <br /> <br />This franchise is granted upon the following express terms and <br />conditions: <br /> <br />(1) The said GRANTEE, its successors and assigns, shall have <br />the right to enter only upon the above-described rights-of-way for <br />the purpose of constructing its facilities and for operating, <br />maintaini~g, repairing a_ld using those facilities. <br /> <br />(2) The terms and conditions of Jefferson County Ordinance <br />No. 2-81 , an ordinance prescribing terms and conditions for <br />franchise agreements granted by Jefferson County, are incorporated <br />herein by reference and made a part of this Resolution for all <br />purposes as fully as if set forth in this Resolution. The GRANTEE, <br />for itself, its successors and/or assigns, expressly agrees that <br />it will strictly comply with the requirements of the said ordinance <br />and any amendments thereto. GRANTEE understands and acknowledges <br />that the ordinance requires it to obtain a permit from the County <br />Engineer/Director of Public Works before doing work under this fran- <br />cise and perfòrming other actions relating to the franchised matter. <br /> <br />\'-/\1 <br />v Y'_ <br /> <br />to <br /> <br />,['!,N." <br />, If<':~,,- <br /> <br />Page I <br />'n 932 <br />:U <br /> <br />VOL 1.87 ~A"f261 <br />