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1966 Resolution List[Icon]
C 629[Icon] Six (6) Year Comprehensive Road Program (1966 - 1972)
C 630[Icon] Hearing Notice re: Petition for Incorporation of the Town of Hadlock (Amended by Resolution No. C-63
C 631[Icon] Revised Hearing Notice re: Petition for Incorporation of the Town of Hadlock (Amends Resolution No.
C 632[Icon] County Road expansion and development instead of purchasing certain lands and premises needed or by
C 633[Icon] CRP No. 275; Coyle Road, Harmony Road Section, County Road No. 16
C 634[Icon] CRP No. 276; Thorndyke Road, Pettibone Section, County Road No. 9
C 635[Icon] Opposition to the Proposed Vashon Location for the Cross-Sound bridge
C 636[Icon] Establishing the Boundaries of the Town of Hadlock
C 637[Icon] Directing the County Auditor to call an election to determine whether the Town of Hadlock shall be i
C 638[Icon] Transfer of Funds from the County Road Fund to the Portage Canal Bridge Bond Fund
C 639[Icon] CRP No. 279; Irondale Park Road, County Road No. 214
C 640[Icon] CRP No. 279; Ness to Hadlock, County Road No. 4 and Washington Street in Quilcene, County Road No. 3
C 641[Icon] Highway Improvement Project SSH 9-E (SR 104) from the Junction of PSH 9, (SR 101) to BrownΓÇÖs Lake
C 642[Icon] Road development and expansion program that a rock quarry and protective area be acquired instead of
C 643[Icon] County Courthouse closed and business suspended from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on May 25, 1966 for the
C 644[Icon] CRP No. 277; Thorndyke Road, Manhattan Beach Section, County Road No. 9
C 645[Icon] CRP No. 280; Resurface Certain County Roads
C 646[Icon] CRP No. 282; Chimacum Center Road, County Road No. 18 Construct a Cattle-pass
C 647[Icon] CRP No. 283; Resurface Certain County Roads
C 648[Icon] Appointments to the Jefferson County Fair Board are: George McCleary, Wally Westergaard, Madeleine G
C 649[Icon] Declaring the organization of Jefferson County Fire Protection District No. 3, stating the results o
C 650[Icon] CRP No. 284; Port Ludlow to Paradise Road, County Road No. 6
C 651[Icon] Submission to the qualified electors of the County at a special election to be held therein on Septe
C 652[Icon] Retain counsel for certain services in connection with the authorization, issuance and sale of unlim
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