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<br />-' <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />o F <br /> <br />OCTOBER <br /> <br />I 2. I 9 8 8 <br /> <br />Estimated Cost of system: None given <br /> <br />The effluent is moved into a perforated pipe (with a small <br />diameter) under pressure. This is done so that the effluent <br />is distributed throughout the full length of the drain field. <br />The pipe is embedded in a ditch similar to the conventional <br />drain field system. <br /> <br />3) Wisconsin Mound System: <br />Estimated Cost of system: $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 <br /> <br />The area of the drain field is rotovated or mechanically mixed <br />to a depth of 18". The drain field is laid on top of this <br />surface. Then an 18" layer of sand, of a specified screen <br />analysis, is placed over this drain field. The goal of this <br />installation is to attain 50% absorption in the soil and 50% <br />evaporation through the sand mound. <br /> <br />4) Aerobic Intermittent Recirculatinq Reactor (AIRRl System: <br />Estimated Cost of system: None given <br /> <br />The effluent is pumped through spray nozzles located above <br />tanks or vats of gravel in a recycle manner which is similar <br />to a secondary treatment plant. The effluent discharge from <br />this system is of a higher water quality. It is drained into <br />a conventional or mound field, depending upon the soil <br />condition of the parcel. <br /> <br />ASSESSED VALUATION IMPACT <br /> <br />In the past the Jefferson County Assessor's Office has determined the <br />land value of a parcel based on values in the area. A reduction of <br />25% to 50% was given off this valuation based on evidence of a Perc <br />Denial. The Jefferson County Board of Equalization has followed this <br />procedure with consideration given to the proximity of a sewer system <br />in making adjustments to individual parcel or area re-va1uation <br />decisions. <br /> <br />Based on the report of the Health Department that perc denials will be <br />replaced by either permits for alternative solutions or a designation <br />as undevelopable, the Assessor and the Board of Equalization agreed <br />that revised policy and procedures for valuation adjustments are in <br />order. <br /> <br />The State Statutes require that all comparable parcels in an area must <br />be valued on a uniform basis. The Assessor's Office will need a short <br />time to determine procedures for giving temporary or permanent credits <br />on the valuation of a parcel due to limitations as to alternative <br />systems which will be required on a permit for construction. <br /> <br />3 <br />