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<br />TO: Board of Jefferson County Commissioners <br /> <br />RE: Request for Budget Transfer <br /> <br /> <br />~ /ý/Ç/.+- <br />t- ' Dat~ ,- <br /> <br />Gen 'clemen: <br /> <br />Please be advised that after a thorough examination of my current budget <br />it appears that an adjustment should be made within the 19 Budget of <br />Expenditures for this department. Due to there being suffIëient funds <br />in other accounts within the budget of the department to permit the <br />necessary adjustment(s), I hereby request the following transfer(s): <br /> <br />(BARS Account Number & Title) <br /> <br />-Transfer From: <br /> <br />/f)ø, '17121 -0 4.., -'"t/,;-/ --', <br />1//,-I! nr y.' .,..4 <br /> <br />~~y <br /> <br />1,11/ ¡J tJ <br /> <br />Transfer To: <br /> <br />(BARS Account Number & Title) <br /> <br />j;)¡; 7ft;;) ~~,7:-1, f~, t ,!/ <br /> <br />~_.r' <br /> <br />/ $l, i fl.ð <br /> <br />Respectfully submitted, <br /> <br />/'.\ <br />c/ //.// <br />f~/~ <br />//1 <br />Heað/of <br /> <br />Department <br />