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001 09[Icon] Boundary Line Adjustment; Jefferson County Landfill Site and David R. and Tiffancy D. Drewry, Truste
002 09[Icon] Establishing the 2009 Prosecuting Attorney Salary
003 09[Icon] Declaration of Emergency Due to Heavy Rains and Rapidly Melting Snow
004 09[Icon] Establishing New Salaries for the Elected Offices of Jefferson County for 2009
005 09[Icon] Imposing Emergency Load Limits on County Roads (Temporary up to 180 days - road must be posted ΓÇô d
006 09[Icon] Joint City of Port Townsend / County re: Adopting Inventory of Energy Usage and Associated Greenhous
007 09[Icon] Joint City of Port Townsend / County re: Amending County Resolution 02-08 Climate Action Committee P
008 09[Icon] Establishment of the Amount of Conservation Futures Tax Levy Funds Available in 2009 to Approve Proj
009 09[Icon] Adoption of an Amended Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for 2009-2014
010 09[Icon] Creating a County Project Designated as CR1827 (Center Road and Chimacum Road)
011 09[Icon] To Reallocate Conservation Futures Funds and Transfer $7,500 from the Tarboo Creek Conservation Proj
012 09[Icon] Updating the Official County Road Log; Mt. Constantine Way, Mt. Wilder Way, Crystal Court and Pelton
013 09[Icon] Re-establishing Jefferson County Cash Drawer, Petty Cash Account and Revolving Fund Amounts in Vario
014 09[Icon] Amending the Legal Description for the Vacation of a Portion of Station Prairie Road Pursuant to Res
015 09[Icon] Continuing Relationship with the Washington Counties Risk Pool and the Related Appointments and Desi
016 09[Icon] A policy to Ensure Equal Opportunity in Housing for All Persons (Repeals and Replaces Resolution No.
017 09[Icon] Creating a County Project Designated as CR1829 (Swansonville Road)
018 09[Icon] Designation of Applicant's Agent for January 2009 Severe Winter Storms, Declaration No. 1817-DR-WA
019 09[Icon] Designation of Applicant's Agent and Signature Authorization Form, December 2008 Severe Winter Storm
020 09[Icon] Vacation of a Portion of Old Ness' Corner to Hadlock Road
021 09[Icon] HEARING NOTICE re: 2009 1st Quarter Supplemental Budget Extension Appropriations; Various County Dep
022 09[Icon] To Deny the Intent to Vacate a Portion of Garden Club Road, Per Resolution No. 68-08, County Road No
023 09[Icon] Naming a Private Road Big Sky Loop; Pope Resources, Petitioner
024 09[Icon] 2009 Budget Appropriations/Extensions for Various County Funds
025 09[Icon] Voluntary Reduction of Elected Officials' Salaries to the General Fund
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