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001 01[Icon] Cancellation of Uncollectible Personal Property Taxes
002 01[Icon] Changing Fund Names, Fund Numbers, and Establishing New Funds to Implement Changes Needed for the 20
003 01[Icon] Statutory Vacation of a Portion of Florence Avenue and Cedar Street in the Plat of Irving Park; Arno
004 01[Icon] Order; Proposed Budget Appropriations and Extensions; County Departments and Specific Other Funds
005 01[Icon] Updating the Official County Road Log; Blue Mountain Road, Country Ridge Drive
006 01[Icon] Authorizing Appeal of Shoreline Master Program Guidelines Adopted by the Washington Department of Ec
007 01[Icon] Adopting the HJ Carroll Park Final Site plan
008 01[Icon] Finding and Determination: Declaration of Surplus County Personal Property and Authorization for Dis
009 01[Icon] Establishing a Name for a Private Road -- Talon's Roost Road (Brinnon Area)
010 01[Icon] Updating the Salary Schedule ΓÇ£Attachment AΓÇ¥ for the Elected Offices of Assessor, Auditor, Clerk,
011 01[Icon] Establishing the Prosecuting AttorneyΓÇÖs Salary for 2001
012 01[Icon] Support of Continued State Funding of the Higher Education Demonstration Project (HEDP) and Extend t
013 01[Icon] Appointment of County Administrator as Director of Emergency Management
014 01[Icon] Increasing the Balance of the SheriffΓÇÖs Office Revolving Account #30601108 (Bank of America)
015 01[Icon] Statutory Vacation of a Portion of Eisenbeis Avenue and Charles Avenue; Miles Soskin, Petitioner
016 01[Icon] Accepting Vendor Bids for Supply of Asphalt Concrete for 2001 Maintenance on Various County Roads
017 01[Icon] Revising Exhibit A of Resolution No. 45-99; Marine Resource Committee
018 01[Icon] Finding and Determination; Declaration of Surplus County Personal Property and Authorization for Dis
019 01[Icon] Rescinding Certain Comprehensive Plan Amendments in Compliance with the Final Decision and Order of
020 01[Icon] Reorganization of the Departments Reporting to the County Administrator (creating the Public Safety
021 01[Icon] Statutory Vacation of a Portion of Pine Street in the Plat of GarfieldΓÇÖs Addition to Harrisburg; T
022 01[Icon] Establish an Interest Rate of 6.45% Per Year on the Port Ludlow Drainage District Loan (Amends Resol
023 01[Icon] Re-establishing Petty Cash, Revolving Fund and Cash Drawers for all County Departments
024 01[Icon] Amending and Re-adopting the Jefferson County Records Access Policy to Reflect the Findings Regardin
025 01[Icon] Amending Attachment ΓÇ£AΓÇ¥ of Resolution No. 61-95 of Policy for Issuance and Use of Business Credi
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