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<br />U80W1l101'l ~ .BY ftl <br />l_tMtiJO'Jl OOOlft"f m.:WfIO:W JJOAlW <br /> <br />W1USEA.8. the Oity of :Port 1'owneeDd, by Ordinance No. 1170, <br />haa called a epecial election to be held therein on July 11, l~, the <br />aame to be held. at the aame t1rae aa, and in connection with, the genenl <br />.:'" <br /> <br />l'r1ma1"7 election to 'be held on that elate. for the purpose at aubmittillg <br />to the qualified yater. ot said 01ty tor' approval or rejeotion Ordinanoe <br /> <br />Bo. 1169, entitledc "An Ordlnanoe accepting the bid ot Crown Zellerbach <br /> <br />Corporation tor the lea.. of that part of the waterworks and sy.tem ot <br /> <br />the City ot Port TOwn.end lying outaide ot the city limits as described <br /> <br />in Re.olutlon palled by the Oity Oouncil and ap,royed by the 1~1Or <br /> <br />April 18, 1944, and directing the MaIOI' and the City Clerk to execute <br /> <br />such lease," and <br /> <br />'11II1II_. the eu,. OoVJl!l1 of said Oity of Port Town.end, 1'U1"- <br />auotto aaid OrdlDance Bo. 1110, has duly adopted a resolution pro'f'i- <br /> <br />ding for the torm ot notice tor laid electionl th~ manner ot glYlng the <br />samet the torm of ballotl and dflBignat1ng the polling plaoes. and, <br /> <br />w'HIIlBAS, the said. OUyOouIlOl1 ot the Clt~,ot Port !oW!lsend <br /> <br />ha., bY' said l'"e801utlon, requested. th1t Election Board to call said <br /> <br />election and to join in the notice therefor, and <br /> <br />WHERFAB, in the Judgment ot this Board an emerg~ ex18ts tor <br />calling said special election on the 11th day o.t> Jqly, 1944, as aforesaid, <br /> <br />lIOW. 1".IEllErORB, BE IT BESOLVl-:D, ~1 said Jetferson County Elec- <br />tion Boar~ that a apse1al eleotion ot the 01 ty ot Pori Townsend be and. <br /> <br />the same is hereby called to be held Jtlly 11, 1944, the same to be held <br /> <br />at the same time as, and in connection w1th, the geaeral pr1mary election <br /> <br />to be held on that c.tate, tor the purpose ot subm1tt1ug to t e qualitied <br /> <br />yoter. ot the CUI' ot Po" Townsend, tor apl'Z'OV'al or rejection, Ord1nanoe <br /> <br />110. 1169, enUtledl "An ordinanoe accepting the bid of Crown Zellerbach <br />