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<br />RESOLUTION No. <br /> <br />~ I~'-- <br />~/~8. <br /> <br />WHEREAS, 1 t appears to the Board of County Commissioners <br />for Jefferson County, Washington, that an action has been filed <br />and is now pending in the Superior Court of the state of Washington <br />for Jefferson County, wherein E.W.Burns and Helen D. Burns, husband <br />and wife, are plaintiffs, and JEFFERSON COUNTY et 81, are defendants, <br />being numbered 5270 of the Clerk's files of said Court, the saa. <br />being an action to quiet title in the plaintiffs to Lots 1 to 8, <br />inclusive, in Block 1 of Nolton's East Port Townsend Addition, <br />Jefferson oounty, Washington, and, <br /> <br />WHEREAS, it further appears that said plaintiffs purohased <br />from the Treasurer of Jefferson County, under order of the Board <br />of County Commissioners heretofore entered, the property hereinabove <br />described and have paid the full purchase price therefor and deed <br />thereunder has been regularly issued, and, <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the r1gb. t of Jefferson County to acquire sa1d <br />property has been questioned, and likewise the manner and form <br />under and by Which said property W88 8old,and this Board desires to <br />correot and confirm the acquisition and sale thereot as above set <br />forth insofar as correction and confirmation thereot may be made by <br />this Board of County COmmisSio~er8, therefore, <br /> <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of CountY~~E},jQiH.Al for <br />Jefferson county, Washington, in regular 8e8sionasseiiitUe"a~~-ao~ <br />hereby authorize the Prosecuting Attorney for Jefferson Oounty, to <br />stipulate by and wi th W.J. Daly, attorney of record for said <br />plaintiffs, that a decree be entered in the aboTe mentioned court end <br />oause, declaring and establishing that Jefferson County has no <br />estate, right, title or interest in end to Lots 1 to 8 inclusive, in <br />Block 1 of Nolton's East Port Townsend, Jefferson county, WaShington, <br />and that the ti tle of plaintiffs thereto 8S to the defendant, <br />Jefferson County, is good and v81id. <br /> <br />ADOPTED this 51-t'day of August, 1944. <br /> <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIARS FOR <br /> <br />~:OUNTY. w~ <br />C1L ' ha 1rman, <br /> <br /> <br />,.. 1k/7A /fA~k;t; Kember <br /> <br />, . ~~ ~ Member <br />I'~- "' <br />