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<br /> <br />Minutes of July 17, 1978 <br />Page 2 <br /> <br />Betty Anderson, County Auditor requested postponing the <br />preliminary budget one month this year to the second Monday in September <br />instead of the second Monday in August as there will be many changes. <br />A Resolution will be drawn up. <br /> <br />Petition for road vacation submitted by William Marlow. <br />The Board found the petition incomplete. They will set the hearing <br />date upon receipt of a map and legal descriptions of those who signed <br />the petition. <br /> <br />Sheriff Hansen reported that the new deputy in the west <br />end is concerned about the water system. The Board will take care of <br />it. <br /> <br />CRP No. 440, Resolution No. 57-78 to improve by paving <br />with asphalt concrete 0.2 mile of the upper Hoh Road and 0.85 mile of <br />the Lower Hoh Road. Motion by Commissioner O'Meara, Second Commissioner <br />Brown to approve and sign. <br /> <br />Call for Bids: for improvement of 1.05 miles of Jefferson <br />County Road located in the upper and lower Hoh River areas - see CRP #440 - <br />1500 tons of asphalt concrete. The Board set a hearing August 7, 1978 <br />at 10:00 a.m. <br /> <br />Agreement between the County and the City for payment by <br />the City for a portion of the recreation program. Motion by Commissioner <br />Brown, second by Commissioner O'Meara to sign. <br /> <br />Public Disclosure, Form L-5, legislative activities by state <br />and local government agencies. Motion by Commissioner O'Meara, second <br />by Commissioner Brown to approve and sign Resolution No. 58-78 which <br />gives the Board the responsibility of filing a consolidated L-5 Report <br />to the Public Disclosure Commission for all elected officials and <br />department heads. Chairman Mercer signed the first L-5 report for <br />quarter ending June 30, 1978. <br /> <br />Carl Easters; BJSS, architects re: Proposed Jail Construction. <br />Easters reported that the state would like to see a larger facility than <br />he projected so he figures housing for 20 people would be satisfactory. <br />It would be cheaper to build a new facility than to remodel the present <br />jail. He must submit floor and site plans to the state. Total projected <br />cost of $1,086,411.00 funded by the state. This does not include <br />property and facilities for the Sheriff's administration and juvenile <br />facilities. The Board was concerned about funding after the jail is <br />built. The County will have the responsibility of maintenance and <br />staffing. Easters can design it to be operated with a minimum number of <br />people, and staying away from super sophisticated hardware and electronic <br />systems. The design can only cut so much of the cost impact. One problem <br />is that if the new facility is built away from the courthouse, then the <br />prisoners would have to be transferred to the old jail to await court <br />hearings. The cost for 1his could be great. The new jail has to be inside <br />city limits. The Board feels the best solution is to look into remodeling <br />the lower floor of the courthouse and build a new building adjacent to it <br />and tie it in with an isolated corridor. Easters will take the courthouse <br />plans and see if it can be done. <br /> <br />Phil Boling appeared to discuss access across County property <br />to his land out by the old Hadlock landfill. <br /> <br />Planning Department: Chimacum Creek Estates, Division 2, <br />proposed preliminary plat for 49 lots or less and a commercial area. <br />The Board reviewed the environmental checklist with Planner Tom <br />Aumock. Motion by Commissioner Brown, second by Commissioner O'Meara to <br />approve the proposed declaration of non-significance. <br /> <br />The Board recessed until 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, July 18, 1978. <br /> <br />VOL <br /> <br />4 rAC~ rO 1439 <br />