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<br />RESOLlj'TION NO. CooSO$ <br /> <br />This matter coming on to be heard this day upon the County Road Engineer's <br />report with respect to the vacation and abandonment of those portions of county <br />roads set forth in Resolution No. C-502 adopted the 21st day of Hay, 1962, and <br />it appearing to th~ Board of County Commissioners that notice of hearing upon <br />said Engineer's report has been posted and published for the time and in the <br />manner provided by law, proof of such posting and publication being now on file <br />herein, and said Board having proceeded to consider the report of the Engineer, <br />together with the other evidence adduced, and being fully advised in the premises, <br />does now find and determine <br /> <br />(1) That those portions hereinafter described are not useful as parts of the <br />county road system; <br /> <br />(2) That the public will be benefited by the vacation thereof, NOW THEREFORE, <br /> <br />BE IT RESOLVED, and it is HEREBY ORDEHED that <br /> <br />(1) All those portions of the old vloodman to Chimacum (Anderson Lake) road, <br />including the Riley Logging road, through sections 9, 10" 15 and 16" T. 29 <br />N., R. 1 lif." 'V'l.H.; outside of the right of way of the present Anderson Lake <br />Road constructed under C.R.Po No. 194, approved Oct. 19" 1959, and C.R.P. <br />212, approved Febo 6, 1961; and excepting also the approach to the Chirnacwn <br />West Valley Road (Co. Rd. No. 22-5.45) <br /> <br />. (2) All that portion o.f County Road No. 30 through the NE! of the S1rJ-l- of <br />Sec. 22, T. 28 No, R. 2 W., W.N. replaced ~T the construction of C.R.P. No. <br />159 approved February 4, 1957. <br /> <br />(3) All those portions of the old Chirnacum West Valley road replaced by <br />construction of the present existing road (Co. Rd. No. 22) as follows: <br />Thr?ugh the ~t o.f t.he SE~. of Sec. 33 and the W} ?f the ffi~~ of Sec. 34, T. <br />29 11., R. 1 \J." wV.h. replaced by County Road ProJect No. b5 LF approved <br />December 8, 1944; <br /> <br />~hrough sections 27 and 34, T. 29 N., R. 1 W., W.N., replaced by C.R.P. <br />No.6, approved November, 1938; <br /> <br />Through the SEi of Sec. 22, T. 29 N., R. 1 vi., IV .H." replaced by Secondary <br />Road Project No. 15, approved June 6, 1935; <br /> <br />Through the Eft of Sec. 15, T. 29 N." R. 1 \'1." W .1-f., replaced by C .R.P. No. <br />J.lJ., approved April ll, 1939. <br /> <br />(4) AP. those portions of the old Quilcene-Center road from the l-Test line of <br />the SE4' of the NEi of Sec. 13, T. 27 N., Ro 2 W., W.H." northerly to the <br />junction of the Griffith and Dabob Roads in the ~ of the NE.1. of Sec. 6 <br />T. 27 N~ R. 1 W." 111.1'1." except the Quileene Garbage Dum,p Road4(Co. Rdo N~. <br />18-2.05); said old roads being replaced by C.R.P. No. 133, approved Feb. 11, <br />1955 and C.R.P. No. 139 approved Ju~ 8, 1955. <br /> <br />(5) All those portions of the old Griffith road through the NE:i of the Mvi <br />of sec. 29, ~he SE:i of the SW'i, the Wi of the SEi and the Sli! of the NE1 of <br />sec. 20 all ~n T. 28 N., R. 1 W., W.N., replaced by the construction of- <br />C.R.P. Noo 86, approved August 5, 1948; <br />