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001 83[Icon] Budget Transfers: County Parks
002 83[Icon] Budget Transfers: Planning Department
003 83[Icon] Budget Transfers: District Court
004 83[Icon] Budget Transfers: County Clerk and Superior Court
005 83[Icon] Budget Transfers 1982: Various Departments
006 83[Icon] Non-Exclusive Franchise on County Road Right-of-Way; Bridgehaven Community Club Association
007 83[Icon] Budget Transfers (1982): Various County Departments
008 83[Icon] Budget Transfers (1982): Civil Service Commission
009 83[Icon] Cancellation of Unclaimed Warrants
010 83[Icon] Prosecuting Attorney's Salary for 1983
011 83[Icon] Budget Transfers (1982): Various Departments
012 83[Icon] Transfer of Courthouse Gas Revolving Fund to ER&R Fund
013 83[Icon] Rehabilitation Funds to City of Port Townsend; Repair of Marina Park Building (Amended by Resolution
014 83[Icon] Advance Travel Fund; Transfer of Duties, Responsibilities and Administration; Auditor to Treasurer
015 83[Icon] Appropriation of Funds for Civil Suit Involving Lone Star Road
016 83[Icon] Non-Exclusive Franchise; All Platted Roads in Trails End Homesites Plat
017 83[Icon] 1983 Budget Revision; Historical Society
018 83[Icon] Establishment of General Fixed Asset Group of Accounts (Amended by Resolution No. 108-87)
019 83[Icon] Establishment of General Long Term Debt Account Group
020 83[Icon] Revised Roadway Design Standards Adoption
021 83[Icon] Shoreline Management Master Program Revisions Adoption (Joint Resolution 1-83, City of Port Townsend
022 83[Icon] CRP #523; Glen Cove Aerial Maps
023 83[Icon] CRP #524; Upper Hoh Road
024 83[Icon] CRP #525; Irondale Hadlock Road
025 83[Icon] IFMS Data Processing System Contract Extension #3; Omega Systems
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