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001 85[Icon] ORDER: Budget Appropriation & Extensions Various County Departments. Correction Center Constructio
002 85[Icon] Hearing Notice: Proposed budget Extension & Appropria¬tion
003 85[Icon] Budget Transfers: Various County Departments: Superior Court, Planning/Building, Planning Comm, Sh
004 85[Icon] Addition of W. Foster Street to the Official County Road Log
005 85[Icon] Establishment of Revolving Fund
006 85[Icon] CRP 579 Beaver Valley Road
007 85[Icon] CRP 582 Hadlock Intersection
008 85[Icon] Adding
009 85[Icon] 1984 Budget Transfers Various County Department. Planning/ Building, Board of Equalization, Parks &
010 85[Icon] Order of Vacation; Beck & Kirkpatrick Road
011 85[Icon] Order, Budget Extension & Appropriation; Prosecuting Attorney & Coroner's Budget
012 85[Icon] Cancellation of Unclaimed Warrants. from last quarter of 1983
013 85[Icon] Resolution of Intention RID No. 3, to form a Road Improvement District: Nip Lee Road
014 85[Icon] Non-Debatable Emergency: Fees for American Arbitration Association. re: Jefferson County Jail
015 85[Icon] CRP 589 re: Hastings Avenue
016 85[Icon] Disbursement of Federal Forest Reserve Monies
017 85[Icon] Hearing Notice: Proposed Budget Appropriation; Olympic Area Agency on Aging
018 85[Icon] Adopting a Consolidated Juvenile Services Program
019 85[Icon] Prosecuting Attorney's Salary for 1985
019A 85[Icon] Order Budget Appropriation; Olympic Area Agency on Aging
020 85[Icon] Resolution Denying the Petition for Formation of the Nip Lee Road RID
021 85[Icon] Establishment of Employee's Health Insurance Trust Fund
022 85[Icon] Reimbursement of Savings on Cost of Employees' Medical Benefits
023 85[Icon] Hearing Notice: Proposed Budget Appropriation Planning¬ Bldg. Department
024 85[Icon] Hearing Notice: Proposed Budget Appropriation District Court Budget
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