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001 74[Icon] Intent to Vacate; East Quilcene Road; County Road No. 20
002 74[Icon] Establishment of County Road; Taylor Ranch Road
003 74[Icon] Transfer of Funds: Money held in Suspense Fund from Sale of Tax Title Property
004 74[Icon] Sale of Tax Title property: Foreclosure of the Tax Lien for 1966, 1967, 1968 taxes
005 74[Icon] Appointment of Jay B. Shower as Director of the Regional Law and Justice Planning Office for Clallam
006 74[Icon] Jefferson County Tuberculosis Hospitalization Budget 1974
007 74[Icon] CRP No. 374: Black Point Road; County Road No. 62; Replace Bridge Over Fulton Lake Inlet
008 74[Icon] CRP No. 375: Improve Black Point Road; County Road No. 62; Relocate and Reconstruct
009 74[Icon] Appointing Members to the North Olympic Coastal Basin Coordinating Committee
010 74[Icon] CRP No. 376: South Bogachiel Road County Road No. 218; Construct Bridge
011 74[Icon] Agreement to participate in the Jefferson County Port Townsend Regional Council
012 74[Icon] Order of Vacation: East Quilcene Road; County Road No. 20
013 74[Icon] Revised Budget for the Department of Emergency Services
014 74[Icon] CRP No. 377: Reconstruct Hazel Point Road; County Road No. 16-18.44
015 74[Icon] Courthouse Security
016 74[Icon] CRP No. 370: Dabob-Coyle Road; County Road No. 16; Relocate and Construct
017 74[Icon] Authorizing Lyle T. Watson, WACO to sign an agreement for SCAN System
018 74[Icon] CRP No. 378: Reconstruct East Marrowstone Road
019 74[Icon] Bayshore Enterprises, Inc. Authorization of $5,000 payment from Revenue Sharing Funds into Mental He
020 74[Icon] CRP No. 355: Relocate and Construct 0.72 mile of the Dosewallips Road County Road No. 70
021 74[Icon] Intent to Vacate: Portions of Old Coyle Road (Replaced by CRP No. 354)
022 74[Icon] Intent to Vacate: Portion of Old Nordland Road
023 74[Icon] Special Supervision Work Program - Juvenile Court Probation Services
024 74[Icon] Correct Error in County Clerks Trust Account
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