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001 72[Icon] Dissolving Jefferson-Clallam Counties Council on Alcoholism
002 72[Icon] Resolution to Congress for Federal Revenue Sharing
003 72[Icon] Vacation of Portion of Old Dabob Bay Road
004 72[Icon] CRP No. 342: County Road No.ΓÇÖs 12 and 89; 18 and 18-3.50; Improve Intersections
005 72[Icon] CRP No. 343: East Beach Road; County Road No. 4-7.63; Improve Road
006 72[Icon] CRP No. 344: Dosewallips Road; County Road No. 70; Improve Road from Lazy C West
007 72[Icon] CRP No. 345: Quilcene Center Road; County Road No. 18; Improve by Paving
008 72[Icon] Lease and Permit to Stockpile Road Material to State Highway Commission
009 72[Icon] CRP No. 346: Ness to Flagler Road; County Road No. 4; Improve Road from Hadlock to Indian Island Int
010 72[Icon] Reimburse Washington State Department of Highways: CRP 345; FAS Route 497; County Road No. 18 (Quilc
011 72[Icon] Intent to Vacate: All of West Leland Road; County Road No. 30-7.85
012 72[Icon] Name Change for Civil Defense Department Changed to the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Ser
013 72[Icon] CRP No. 331: to pay Director of Highway $2,750.00 for Asphalt Plant Inspection of Oak Bay Road
014 72[Icon] Vacation: All of West Leland Road; County Road No. 30-7.85
015 72[Icon] Establishment of a County Road in accordance with Res. No. 32-71
016 72[Icon] CRP No. 347: Certain County Roads; Improve by Constructing a Bituminous Surface
017 72[Icon] Maintenance on Federal Aid Project No. S-0497(9) Agreement; Washington State Department of Highways
018 72[Icon] Emergency Transfer of Funds for County Fair
019 72[Icon] CRP No. 348: Construction of Maple Creek Bridge
020 72[Icon] Juvenile Court Probation Services January thru June 1973
021 72[Icon] Juvenile Court Probation Services July thru December 1973
022 72[Icon] CRP No. 349: Quilcene-Center; County Road No. 18; Construct Guardrail at ends of Little Quilcene Riv
023 72[Icon] Six Year Road Program for 1973-1979
024 72[Icon] CRP No. 350: Airport Cutoff to 4 Corners; County Road No. 38; Improve Road
025 72[Icon] CRP No. 351: Upper Hoh Road; County Road No. 216; Replace Rock Creek Bridge
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