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001 71[Icon] Fort Worden be considered for site of Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy
002 71[Icon] Vacation: Lots 2 and 3 in Block of William Addition
003 71[Icon] Vacation: Portions of Old Oak Bay Road; Old Quilcene Center Road; Old Port Townsend Chimacum Road; O
004 71[Icon] CRP No. 330: Hund Road; County Road No. 4-0.13; Replace Bridge Approaches over Chimacum Creek
005 71[Icon] CRP No. 331: Oak Bay Road; County Road No. 10; Improve by Paving
006 71[Icon] Application for Continuation in Service after Age 70: Horace Gleason
007 71[Icon] CRP No. 332: Upper Hoh Road; County Road No. 216; Replace Bridge over Alder Creek
008 71[Icon] CRP No. 333: Upper Hoh Road; County Road No. 216; Improve Road at Alder Creek Hill
009 71[Icon] Formation of Hood Canal Advisory Commission
010 71[Icon] Authorizing Prosecuting Attorney to proceed in condemnation of parcel
011 71[Icon] Original Adoption of Civil Service Commission Rules
012 71[Icon] CRP No. 314: Washington State Department of Highways Perform Certain work; Quilcene Center Road (ove
013 71[Icon] Authorizing Director of Highways to provide asphalt plant inspection and related service; Oak Bay Ro
014 71[Icon] CRP No. 334: Lopeman Road; County Road No. 310
015 71[Icon] Pertaining to Traveling Expenses for County Offices and Employees and Establishing Mileage Rates
016 71[Icon] CRP No. 335: Certain County Road; Improve by Constructing a Bituminous Surface
017 71[Icon] CRP No.336; Dosewallips Road and Lazy C Ranch Roads; County Road No. 70 and County Road No. 300
018 71[Icon] CRP No. 337: Maple Creek to Hoh River Bridge Site; Reconnoiter and locate
019 71[Icon] Establishing a Plan of Group Life, Accident, Hospital and Surgical Insurance for County employees
020 71[Icon] Emergency Funds for County Employee Group Insurance Plan
021 71[Icon] Community Action Program; Bi-County Youth Opportunity Project; Summer Work Program for College Age S
021 71A[Icon] Transfer of Inventory of Property; Title to Intermediate School District #114
022 71[Icon] Intent to Vacate: Cora and White Streets Between County Road #4, Ness to Flagler Road and County Roa
022 71A[Icon] Replace Bleachers for Memorial Field
023 71[Icon] Juvenile Court Probation Services
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