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001 70[Icon] Need and Creation of Housing Authority for Jefferson County
002 70[Icon] Appointment of Commissioners of Housing Authority and setting of terms
003 70[Icon] Distribution of Justice Court funds income committed to County Treasurer to cities, counties and the
004 70[Icon] Closing of Courthouse for Funeral Services for Mrs. Irene Grady
005 70[Icon] CRP No. 314: State Highway Dept. Job No. FAS S-0497(8) $1.000.00 to perform preliminary engineering,
006 70[Icon] Constructing a Federal Aid Project No. S-0497(8) Sections 12 and 13, township 27 North, Range 2 West
007 70[Icon] CRP No. 320: Thorndyke Road; County Road No. 9; to reconstruct one mile
008 70[Icon] CRP No. 321: Traffic Control Devices to inventory traffic control devices
009 70[Icon] CRP No. 317: Dosewallips Road; County Road No. 70; to reconstruct one Mile of Co. Rd. No. 70
010 70[Icon] ER&R Project No. 1-70; Lower Hoh Road; County Road No. 212; Crushing and stockpiling of cursed scree
011 70[Icon] CRP No. 319: Oak Bay Road; County Road No. 10; Improve by Regrading
012 70[Icon] The Port of Port Townsend requested the County to perform certain maintenance and repair on Port pro
013 70[Icon] CRP No. 322: Certain County Roads; to construct or bituminous surface treatment plans
014 70[Icon] Intention to apply for funds under the Economic Development Title IV Program
015 70[Icon] Juvenile Probation Department Work Program under the Parks and Recreation Commission for boys 14 to
016 70[Icon] CRP No. 323: Irondale Streets; County Road No. 314; to improve by clearing and grubbing
017 70[Icon] Juvenile Court Probation Services: Special Supervision Program; Funds Available Under Probation Subs
018 70[Icon] Federal Aid Project No. S-0497(8) Quilcene-Center Road
019 70[Icon] CRP No. 314: Quilcene Center Road; County Road No. 18; Provide Funds for Construction
020 70[Icon] CRP No. 324: Clearwater Road; County Road No. 206; Construct an Asphaltic Concrete Surface
021 70[Icon] Six Year Road Program 1971 - 1976
022 70[Icon] Monies added to Sheriff's budget for Medical coverage
023 70[Icon] CRP No. 325: Lower Hoh Road; County Road No. 214; Construct Surfacing
024 70[Icon] Hood Canal Advisory Commission Agreement
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