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001 68[Icon] CRP No. 297; Arcadia Cape George Road, County Road No. 98
002 68[Icon] Creation of Air Pollution Control Authority (Supercedes Resolution No. D-22)
003 68[Icon] Emergency Appropriation for purpose of participating in Regional Planning thus creating eligibility
004 68[Icon] Creation of special fund to control the accounting covering the payment of the acquisition and insta
005 68[Icon] Bonneville Easement; Directing execution of a Deed to United States of America, Tract No. 3SF-119C a
006 68[Icon] CRP No. 301; North Leland Road, County Road No. 31
007 68[Icon] CRP No. 302; Shine Road, County Road No. 6
008 68[Icon] Recommendation to County Commissioners' State Association to include a recommendation to repeal RCW
009 68[Icon] CRP No. 300; Thorndyke Road, County Road No. 9 Thorndyke Lake Section
010 68[Icon] Civil Defense Resolution
011 68[Icon] Authorizing preparation of Comprehensive Community Water and Sewer Development Plan of the Rural Are
012 68[Icon] Endorsement of Initiative Measure 244
013 68[Icon] Intent to Vacate Old Leland Valley Road
014 68[Icon] Resolution to assume obligation of local cooperation for Bank Protection on Clearwater River with Ar
015 68[Icon] Authorizing Carey and Kramer, consulting engineers, to do Comprehensive Water and Sewer development
016 68[Icon] CRP No. 304; Improve Various County Roads; bituminous seal coat
017 68[Icon] Hearing Notice; Authorizing transfer of $10,000 for Courthouse repair
018 68[Icon] CRP No. 305; Clearwater Road No. 206, Improve by bank Protection
019 68[Icon] CRP No. 306; Quilcene Center Road, County Road No. 18; Improve two intersections at Dabob
020 68[Icon] Closing the clock tower to public until further notice due to hazardous conditions
021 68[Icon] CRP No. 307; Port Ludlow to Paradise Road, County Road No. 6
021 68A[Icon] Ordering Special Election to determine whether Fire District No. 4 be formed (See Also Resolution No
022 68[Icon] Incorporation of Dual usage Fallout Shelter space in new Public Building Construction
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