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1967 Resolution List[Icon]
D 01[Icon] CRP No. 292; Port Ludlow to Paradise Road, County Road No. 6
D 02[Icon] Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter III, laws of Washington, 1965, the Treasurer of Jefferson Coun
D 03[Icon] CRP No. 289; Quilcene Center Road, County Road No. 18
D 04[Icon] CRP No. 291; Thorndyke Road, County Road No. 9
D 05[Icon] Intent to Vacate County Road No. 308, Ludlow Streets
D 06[Icon] Hearing Notice to Vacate County Road No. 308, Ludlow Streets
D 07[Icon] CRP No. 293; Intersection of Olympus Blvd., County Road No. 10-3.48, and Carey Court, County Road No
D 08[Icon] Vacation of County Road No. 308, Ludlow Streets
D 09[Icon] Jefferson County Maintenance Federal Aid Project No. S-0497(3) in Jefferson County, over and across
D 10[Icon] CRP No. 289; Transfer Resolution and Request for the Director of Highways to Perform Certain Work
D 10A[Icon] CRP No. 286; Lower Hoh Road, County Road No 214
D 11[Icon] CRP 294; Certain County Roads; Bituminous Seal Coat
D 11A[Icon] Budget Transfer
D 12[Icon] Budget Appropriations Superior Court
D 13[Icon] Construction of Federal Aid Project No. S-0497(7), Quilcene-Center Road
D 14[Icon] CRP No. 295; Washington Street, County Road No. 302
D 14A[Icon] CRP No. 296; Oak Bay Road, County Road No. 10
D 15[Icon] Exchange of Property with Jefferson County and Crown Zellerbach Corporation
D 16[Icon] Authorizing $23,106.83 to equip the Treasurer and Assessor offices with necessary automation equipme
D 17[Icon] Authorize $9,000.00 to equip the Auditor's office with a bookkeeping machine, including initial auxi
D 18[Icon] Negotiate a contract with the Washington Asphalt Company to produce and deliver approximately 1,000
D 19[Icon] Transfer funds from the Current Expense fund of the County to the County Fair Association, Revolving
D 20[Icon] Conduct a special election regarding, Shall a rural county library district be established such dist
D 21[Icon] CRP No. 298; Baye Street Freeman View Tracts
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