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001 75[Icon] Authorizing payment to Cascade Microfilm Systems, Inc. from Federal Revenue Sharing
002 75[Icon] Authorizing payment to Bennett, Johnson Slenes and Smith from Building Construction Fund
003 75[Icon] Emergency to provide funds to Purchase Law Books; County Law Library
004 75[Icon] Hearing Notice: Formation of Fire Protection District No. 6
005 75[Icon] Establishing a Revolving Fund from the Solid Waste fund; Public Works
006 75[Icon] Authorizing a Grant to Hospital District No. 2 from Federal Revenue Sharing funds
007 75[Icon] Application to Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation (IAC) for All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) fund
008 75[Icon] Emergency Appropriation: Sheriff's Office (Due to Fire)
009 75[Icon] Sale of Stenocord Dictating Equipment from Prosecuting Attorney's Office
010 75[Icon] Budget Extension: Planning Department (Phase I Tidal Marsh Study)
011 75[Icon] Establishing Local Administrative Responsibility of the National Flood/Mudslide Insurance Program
012 75[Icon] Building Permit and Review Procedure System
013 75[Icon] Formation of Fire Protection District No. 6
014 75[Icon] CRP No. 388: Improve Shine Road, County Road No. 6
015 75[Icon] Transfer of Funds From County Park Reserve fund to Current Expense Fund
016 75[Icon] Hearing Notice: Budget Extension County Park Reserve Fund
017 75[Icon] Intent to Vacate: Various Lots and Cliffdale Drive, Hiddendale tracts Addition
018 75[Icon] Establishing an Alcohol Administrative Board
019 75[Icon] Transfer of funds to the Olympic Health District Pooling Fund (Jefferson County Tuberculosis Hospita
020 75[Icon] CRP No. 389: Improve Thorndyke Road, County Road No. 9, by surfacing
021 75[Icon] Transfer of Building Inspector Fees to City of Port Townsend (15%)
022 75[Icon] Order of Vacation: Various Lots and Cliffdale Drive in Plat of Hiddendale Tracts Addition
023 75[Icon] Hearing Notice: Emergency Appropriation: Establishment of a Resource Center for Victorian Restoratio
024 75[Icon] Emergency Budget Extension for the Jefferson County Historical Society Resource Center for Victorian
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