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001 78[Icon] Establishment of revolving fund of $50.00 for District Court
002 78[Icon] Procedure in awarding contracts involving less the $3,500.00 (Replaced by Ordinance No. 05-0601-92)
003 78[Icon] Intent to Vacate; Sampson Street in vacated plat of Roseville, Willamette Meridian
004 78[Icon] Intent to Vacate; Portion of Old and new Coyle Rd.
005 78[Icon] Order of Vacation; unpaved county road in Old Fort Townsend Park
006 78[Icon] Order of Vacation; a section of Holman Blvd. and adjoining alley in Hessian Garden tract
007 78[Icon] Order of Vacation; portion of Old Coyle Rd. and portion of new Coyle Rd. in five and a half of five
008 78[Icon] Order of Vacation; Sampson street in the cavated plat of Roseville
009 78[Icon] Revolving fund for Jefferson Co. Health Dept. for $50.00 for petty cash
010 78[Icon] CRP No. 429; East Quilcene RD, 1.05 miles for asphaltic paving and shoulder widening
011 78[Icon] CRP No.430; to resurface with A.C. paving on Port Townsend-Chimacum Rd.
012 78[Icon] Intent to Vacate; county road in plat of North Ludlow to be replaced by road in Plat of Port Ludlow
013 78[Icon] Establishing a Transportation Advisory Committee (Amended by Resolution No. 18-78)
014 78[Icon] Order of Vacation; Daniel Thacker, petitioner, portion of
015 78[Icon] Personnel Policy (Revised by Resolution No. 72-78)
016 78[Icon] CRP No.431; Old Fort Townsend State Park road asphalt surfacing 0.53 mile
017 78[Icon] CRP No.432; Linger longer road-asphalt surfacing
018 78[Icon] Transportation Advisory Committee (Amends Resolution No. 13-78)
019 78[Icon] CRP No.433; for grading, draining and surfacing of 1.26 miles of Gardiner-Clallam Road
020 78[Icon] Order of Vacation; County Rd in Plat of North Ludlow beach tracts to exchange for a road in Plat of
021 78[Icon] Jefferson County Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan
022 78[Icon] Establishing a Jefferson County Overall Economic Development Program (OEDP) interim committee
023 78[Icon] Adoption of Marrowstone Island Community Development Plan
024 78[Icon] Intent to Vacate; portion of Old County road No.18, Chimacum-Center Road
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