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001 79[Icon] Transfers 1978 Budget
001A 79[Icon] Addendum to Resolution No. 1-79 - Transfers 1978 Budget
002 79[Icon] CRP No. 443; Dabob, Coyle Rd. State log No. 40390 Grade, drain and surface
003 79[Icon] CRP No. 444; Griffith Point Road County Road Log No. 4-5.45; grade, drain, and surface
004 79[Icon] CRP No. 445; Duckabush Road, St. Rd. Log No. 2274, adjust vertical curve alignment
005 79[Icon] CRP No. 446; Brinnon Church Road-Intersection, relocation St. log Rd. No. 2511
006 79[Icon] CRP No. 447; Cook Avenue Extension; St. log Rd. No. 6293 Grade, drain, and surface
007 79[Icon] CRP No. 448; Bayview Avenue (Eisenbeis Bayview Add.) Grade, drain, and surface
008 79[Icon] CRP No. 450; Loftus Road; St. Rd. log No. 2614, grade, drain, and surface
009 79[Icon] CRP No. 451; Various County shoulder widening No. 9415, Irondale-Hadlock; No.6330 Ness's Corner to H
010 79[Icon] CRP No. 452; Gun Club Road New Construction clearing, grading, drianing, and surfacing
011 79[Icon] CRP No. 449; Crutcher Road; St. Rd. log No. 6208; grade, drain, and surface
012 79[Icon] Defense of County Officials and Department heads
013 79[Icon] County road load limits (RCW 36.75.270)
014 79[Icon] ORDER: 1978 Budget appropriations
015 79[Icon] Order of Vacation; portion of road in Cedar Cove short plat
016 79[Icon] Order to Vacate; Alley in Tukey's addition
017 79[Icon] Budget transfer 1978 Health Department
018 79[Icon] Granting of easement to the U.S. Forest Service Department of Agriculture
019 79[Icon] Right-of-way acquisition procedures (VOID)
020 79[Icon] Order of Vacation; portion of Blanche Avenue and Vale Street in Morrissey's Addition
021 79[Icon] Cancellation of Unclaimed Warrants No's. 6939; 7053; 2516
022 79[Icon] Establishment of Rural County Library
023 79[Icon] Intent to establish county road (Sunshine Drive - Private)
024 79[Icon] Order of Plat Alteration; Block 2 and that portion of
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