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<br /> <br />SOLID WASTE ADVISORY COMMITTEE AGENDA <br />Thursday, January 24th, 2013 3p.m. – 4:30 p.m. <br />Public Works Conference Room, 623 Sheridan Street, Port Townsend, WA <br /> <br />Opening Business <br />1) Welcoming of new District 2 SWAC Representative, Paul Rogland <br />2) Roll Call <br />3) Determination of a Quorum <br />4) Approval of minutes from October 2012 meeting <br />5) Correspondence: none <br />6) Guest Speakers: Mike O’Donnell of Product Care <br />7) Action Items: none <br />8) Sub-committees: Report from Solid Waste Education Subcommittee <br /> <br />Operational Reports <br />1) Collection: DM Disposal <br />2) Education: Public Health <br />3) Recycling: Skookum <br />4) Compost: City of Port Townsend <br />5) Solid Waste: Public Works <br /> <br />Old Business <br />1) SWAC Notebook Completion: Yearly Goals and Achievements/Issues of Concern and <br />Resolutions * <br /> <br />* Background: SWAC was asked at the September 2012 meeting to develop yearly goals it would like to set; a list <br />of issues of concern it would like to register, and; what resolutions, if any, it should consider adopting. <br /> <br />Staff recommends that this item be tabled if SWAC members prefer to focus on other areas of interest. <br /> <br />New Business <br />1) Report on MRW Facility Customer Survey (Public Works) <br />2) Review of projected impact of fee increase to Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity <br />Generator customers (Public Works) <br />3) Discussion of reduced service option for City of Port Townsend municipal solid waste <br />customers (Val Johnstone to introduce subject) <br />4) Jefferson County Recycler of the Year Award (Richard Dandridge to introduce subject) <br /> <br />From the Floor <br /> <br />Next meeting date March 28 <br /> <br />Adjournment <br /> <br />Please notify Al Cairns (385-9243) or by email if you or your voting alternate <br />cannot attend the meeting. <br /> <br /> Meeting Dates for 2013 <br /> <br />January 24 May 23 September 26 <br />March 28 June 27 October 24