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<br />WHEREAS: <br /> <br />t3J. 70 r <br />C/ ~ <br /> <br />state funds have recently become available for <br /> <br />RESOLUTION <br /> <br />. <br />'B <br />('j <br />~S <br />o <br />'M '+-! <br />+>0 <br />:i <br />'ci~ <br />Cf.l Q) . <br />&0 improvements in the various counties, and the availability of such <br /> <br />Q) ~ t <br />~ ~ funds could not have been reasonably foreseen at the time the curren <br />"0 <br />+> ~ <br />~ ~ budget was approved, and <br />'M () <br />m'M <br />bOn::: <br />ro <br /> <br />publio <br /> <br />WHEREAS: <br /> <br />Improvements to the Cpunty Court House and other county <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />~ ~ properties are necessary, <br />-d ...., <br />[~ NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: <br />p.Q) <br />eel'+-! <br />~~ a meeting of the Board of Jefferson County Commissioners at the County <br />Q) Q) <br />~ <br />oB Court House at 10 A. M. on Monday June 24,1946, on the question of the <br />o c:: <br />~ .f"i <br />"O+> Emergency APpropriation of $5,000 from the General Expense Fund in <br />~[ <br />~~ 1946 for the employment of arohitects to plan improvements for the <br />.8~ <br />~ eel~ County Court House and other County properties, and <br />~ ~ 0 <br />~o:>. <br />bDr-l <br />"' !:: Cf.l <br />.c -f"i ::J i <br />+> ~ 0 to pub~ish n the official county newspaper a notioe that a public <br />~ ~-~ <br />:r: c:: <br />~~ ~ hearing will be held on such an Emergenoy Appropriation at 10 A. M. <br />;:j 0 ::J <br />'? <br />Q) co <br />~.~ ~ <br />,ifE-l+> <br />s:: ..-I <br />o <br />:::s <br /> <br />that a public hearing be held at <br /> <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: <br /> <br />that the County Auditor be requested <br /> <br />June 24, 1946, and that all interested parties are invited to appear <br /> <br />at such hearing to give such evidence as they wish thereon for or <br /> <br />against such an Emergenoy APpropriation. <br /> <br />~aL-~_- <br /> <br />i <br /> <br /> <br />~~ <br /> <br />,. c:ve-J. Cot 1\ ^ n 0 0 <br />G . .:- ...".......,~- <br /> <br />att <br /> <br />& ....... CO' Auditor <br /> <br />m 1Lt <br /> <br />onday, Junl 24th, 1946. <br />It being the time and place for the hearing on tbe above <br />resolution and no one appearing before the Board, for or against <br />same, upon motion made, seconded and Passed by unamious vote <br />that the above money be set aside for the stated-purpose and that <br />Treasurer be notified to that effect. <br /> <br />Board of County Co~issioners <br /> <br />the <br /> <br /> <br />the Boal <br /> <br />,.' <br /> <br />