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<br />,.. <br /> <br />. <br />e <br /> <br />-.-. <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />RESOLU1'ION NO.~ -;;r/ ~ <br />County Road Project No. '......10 <br /> <br />BEFORE '1m; BOARD OF' cOUN'I'Y COMMISSIONERS OF'.'''''. COUNTY,WASH. <br /> <br />) <br />In the matter of "r~" W:a41l16'MJ11 ) <br />a1_ aMII ) <br /> <br />Res olu tion to......., 1tikbea4 <br />... 1f1", ..... <br /> <br />Pi' IS :HI;REBY RESOLVED EY 'j:hEBOARD OF COUN'l"Y COMMISSIONERS thEt <br />i 7; 13 their intention to C...,...., laJ,.IrMa4 ... wSt\_ .-i. .... <br />.. u )It na1' ...JllJaCa t '.r.,.ka411la. <br /> <br />BE IT l'VR'l'EER <br />purpose there <br /> <br />Loc. Engr. <br />Right of Way <br />Items of Work; <br />Day Labor <br />Contract <br />Conet. Engr. <br /> <br />'.tot: a J. <br /> <br />RESOLVED that fo~ the foregoing proper county road <br />is hereby appropriated sums in the following detail: <br /> <br />Gas Tax Funds Rd.Dist.Funds Donations,etc.; Total <br />~ ~ ~ ~ <br /> <br />100 .90 <br /> <br />il>~ ~~'.DQ <br /> <br />800.. <br />....eo <br /> <br />~..~ <br /> <br />The county' road pQrpose herein desoribed is HEREBY PECLARED ~o be <br />a public necessity and the County Road Engineer is HEREBY ORDERED <br />AND AU'I'HORIZED to report and proceed thereon as by law provided. <br /> <br />BE IT FURThER RESOLVED that this purpose .beperformed bi'.~f- fa. <br />in accordance with the Standard Road and Bridge SpeCifications of <br />the Stete of Washington as adopted b~~d' <br /> <br />ADOPl$ll.~~sLf-dey of .~ ,19=-\.--.a.L CL-.~ <br /> <br />~ /, Chairman <br />SE~'<:. ~'~ a ~ ~ <br />J\ttest: - C=iS~';;' '-t~_?- <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />Co ission <br /> <br />nstituting the Board of <br />County Commissioners of <br />fttt..... County, Wash. <br /> <br />", <br />