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<br />commissioners Meeting Minutes: Week of November 6, 1989 <br /> <br />functions to enable the Salary Review Committee to carry <br />out the Salary Administration Committee pOlicy and <br />procedures." <br /> <br />Page: a <br /> <br />IX. Salary Ad~inistration Policies - A. Program Purpose, <br />Page 2. sixth: "The Board of County commissioners and <br />the County Auditor shall provide appropriate staff to <br />perform the necessary clerical functions to carry out the <br />Salary Administration policies and Procedures." <br /> <br />Amend: IX Salary Administration policies - B. Salary <br />Administration Authority, salary Administration Commit- <br />tee, Page 2 - second paragraph: The salary Administra- <br />tion committee shall consist of the three County Commis- <br />sioners, the County Audi tor, and two other Elected <br />Officials (Assessor, Clerk, SUperior or District Court <br />Judge and Treasurer) and three Department Heads (Public <br />Works, Planning, Health, Recreation, Juvenile Services, <br />Cooperative Extension and Human services). <br /> <br />Replace the term Salary AdministratiQn committee with <br />"Job Classification Committee" where appropriate in the <br />Salary Administration POlicy Manual. <br /> <br />Page 3. C. JOB CLASSIFICATIONS, JOB RANKING r RECLAS- <br />SIFI9ATION. add as last paragraph: "If a Department Head <br />disagrees with the classification, they may appeal to <br />the Board of County Commissioners." <br /> <br />Commissioner B. G. Brown questioned the need to have the Payroll Personnel <br />Specialist and the Clerk of the Board as ex-officio members of this Commit- <br />tee? Mary Gaboury responded that it. needs to be clear in the policy that the <br />Salary Administration Committee has the clerical assistance for these <br />meetings. Commissioner Dennison stated that the reason this is being done <br />is to assure that the people who are providing the clerical support for this <br />Committee are aware of the processes that have taken place in the development <br />and implementation of this pOlicy. The Board concurred that action be <br />tabled on these recommendations until they have more time to review them. <br /> <br />Mary Gaboury then presented a report of the financial impact of the fourth <br />quarter salary system performance reviews. <br /> <br />Later that day: Commissioner B. G. Brown moved to approve the recommended <br />changes to the Salary Administration Policy & Procedures Manual as recom- <br />mended by the Salary Administration Committee with the following wording <br />change to the recommendation on Page 2, B Salary Administration Authority, <br />Salary Administration Committee: "The payroll/Personnel Specialist and the <br />Clerk of the Board shall be support staff for the Salary Administration <br />Committee..." Commissioner Dennison seconded the motion which carried by a <br />unanimous vote. <br /> <br />AI Grondahl re: ;Jload Signs for Rhody ~i va: Al Grondahl, repre- <br />senting the Chimacum Grange, came before the Board to discuss traffic signs <br />on the Airport Cutoff Road. He stated that when cars make the bend to the <br />left from Highway 20 to the Airport cutoff Road they often leave their turn <br />signals on all the way down this road. This can cause a dangerous situation <br />because people take it for granted that cars with their left turn signals on <br />are not really going to turn left. There are several businesses along <br />Airport Cutoff Road which require a left turn for access. Mr. Grondahl asked <br />that the County place a sign advising people to turn off their left turn <br />signal, if they are not turning left. commissioner B. G. Brown stated that <br />he has not seen this type of sign used anywhere else in the State. The Board <br />advised that they would look into this situation further. <br /> <br />VOL <br /> <br />15 <br /> <br />rAC~ <br /> <br />00 521.2 <br />