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<br /> <br />'Minutes of March 13, 1978 <br />Page Two <br /> <br />Sam Gordon, Quilcene School Principal re: request for grader <br />help for a ball field. Gordon appeared to request help from the county <br />in skinning the sod off the top, and grading of a field to use for baseball <br />and track. Commissioner Brown suggested that Gordon look into the possi- <br />bility of selling the sod to help defray costs. Commissioner Brown told <br />Gordon to meet with Engineer Becker to figure out exactly what needs to <br />be done. <br /> <br />Mr. and Mrs. Stan Lybeck appeared to inquire if a determination <br />has been made on the Marrowstone Island Community Development Plan. The <br />Board advised not yet. <br /> <br />Mr. and Mrs. Ray H. Mills appeared re: Lot *2 of Cedar Cove <br />on Hood Canal. Mr. Mills reported dissatisfaction with the Sanitarian's <br />decision on the location of a drain field. He doesn't feel the property <br />will be put to its best use. The Board advised him to attend the Health <br />Board meeting this wednesday morning. <br /> <br />BUSINESS FROM COUNTY DEPARTMENTS: <br /> <br />Public re: <br />Works <br /> <br />1) Engineer Becker discussed plans for the construction of <br />mile 2 of West Valley Road approved as County Road <br />Project No. 424. Motion by Commissioner Brown, second <br />by Commissioner O'Meara for Chairman Mercer to sign <br />final construction plans and grant permission to call <br />for bids April 17, 1978. <br /> <br />Planning re: 1) Overall Economic Development Plan (O.E.D.P.). Associate <br />Planner Carol Saari reported that in order for Jefferson <br />County to be eligible for EDA funding it is necessary <br />to update the existing O.E.D.P. and re-establish another <br />committee to coordinate the program and projects included <br />in the O.E.D.P. document. Saari submitted the Board with <br />a proposed interim committee list. A permanent committee <br />will be established upon completion of the O.E.D.P. <br />document. The update has to be completed by June 30, 1978. <br />Motion by Commissioner O'Meara, second by Commissioner <br />Brown to adopt Resolution No. 22-78 establishing an <br />O.E.D.P. interim committee. <br /> <br />2) Army Corps Public Notice, 071-0YB-I-004l08, Hjelvik <br />for boat launch and dock in the Brinnon area. Planner Tom <br />Aumock reported that the Court upheld the County's exemption <br />to the shoreline permit requirement in the Hjelvik case. <br />Motion by Commissioner Brown, second by Commissioner O'Meara <br />for Chairman Mercer to sign a notice to the Corps <br />indicating the project is exempt from the Shoreline <br />Management Act. <br /> <br />3) Forest Practice Permit Applications: <br /> <br />a) *FP-09-03303, Hjelvik to clearcut 20 acres to convert <br />from timber to agriculture. Planner Tom Aumock reported <br />that the Prosecuting Attorney advised that if the pro- <br />ject is within shoreline jurisdiction, the applicant <br />should fill out an application for a shoreline permit <br />which would clearly indicate the conversion from one use <br />of land to another. If the Board accepts the application <br />it authorizes the clearcut. The Shoreline application <br />has been received from Hjelvik. Aumock reported that <br />the forest practice permit is a land conversion. Motion <br />by Commissioner O'Meara, second by Commissioner Brown <br />for Chairman Mercer to sign the notice of no objection <br />to the Forest Practices Administrator. <br /> <br />b) *FP-02-01702, Bernie Arthur for partial cut converting <br />to a subdivision of 40 acres. Planner Tom Aumock <br />reported that the project is exempt from shoreline <br />jurisdiction. Motion by Commissioner O'Meara, <br />second by Commissioner Brown for Chairman Mercer to <br />sign a notice of no objection to the Forest Practices <br />Administrator. <br /> <br />. VOL <br /> <br />j~L."~.~ <br />~ lr'HIik. <br /> <br />r,'O.'. <br />E' <br /> <br />525 <br />