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052 98[Icon] Establishment of a Watershed Planning Fund
053 98[Icon] Intent to Vacate a County Road Right of Way; Portion of Prospect Avenue, Near Kala Point, Tri-Area
054 98[Icon] Intent to Vacate a County Road Right of Way; Portion of Bachelor Road Pursuant to Mitigated Carl Sch
055 98[Icon] Intent to Vacate a County Road Right of Way; Portion of Old NessΓÇÖ to Hadlock Road, Port Hadlock
056 98[Icon] Accepting Bid for Repainting the Bayshore Motel and Brinnon Senior Center Complex, Project #BRC513;
057 98[Icon] Approval of the Lower Big Quilcene River Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan
058 98[Icon] Accepting Bid to Connect Electrical Wiring System of the Work Release Portable to the Jefferson Coun
059 98[Icon] Findings and Determination to Declare Specific Items of Personal Property Surplus and Authorize Disp
060 98[Icon] Re-establishing the Dates for 1999 Budget Review Hearings; December 7 through 11, 1998
061 98[Icon] Naming of a Private Road; Cougar Run; Richard & Jennifer Drippon and Gary & Mari Phillips, Petitione
062 98[Icon] Naming of a Private Road; Woodland Way; Joseph & Janet Daley, Leo & Kaye Lake, William & Vicki Taylo
063 98[Icon] HEARING NOTICE; Proposed Budget Appropriations/ Extensions; Various County Departments and Specific
064 98[Icon] Establishing Budget Objectives for the 1999 Jefferson County Budget.
065 98[Icon] Vacation of a Portion of Old NessΓÇÖ Corner to Hadlock Road; Chimacum School District, Petitioner
066 98[Icon] Vacation of Portions of Streets in the Plat of Somerville; Mark & Deena Blakesley
067 98[Icon] Extension of Interim Growth Strategies Ordinance No. 05-0214-96 for a Period of Six (6) Months endin
068 98[Icon] Resolution of Intent and HEARING NOTICE re: Intention to Sell Surplus County Property; Hearing Sched
069 98[Icon] Order: 1998 Budget Appropriations/Extension
070 98[Icon] Jefferson County Support for the designation of Lewis County as the Lead Governmental Entity for the
071 98[Icon] Establishing Priority of Work Tasks to be implemented immediately after adoption of the Jefferson Co
072 98[Icon] Adopting the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan (effective immediately) including findings of fact
073 98[Icon] Naming of a Private Road Gereaux Lane
074 98[Icon] Accepting Bid for Repainting the Quilcene Community Center, Project QLC525; Townsend Builder, Inc.
075 98[Icon] Transfer of Funds from the General Fund to the County Law Library Fund
076 98[Icon] Updating the Official County Road Log to add Wells Ridge Court ( road originally named Northwood Cou
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