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<br />ORDINANCE NO. ~ <br /> <br />ORDmANCE <br />RELATING TO SALES OF REAL ESTATE AND LEVYING AN EXCISE TAX THEREON <br /> <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the Board 01' County Commissioners of 1af~ <br />oS <br /> <br />County, <br /> <br />State of Washington, that Ordinance Number <br /> <br />(au l II ~ 1 11 ~ 1 ~ R 1 B. I _l. T.. <br /> <br />a.. J.h_....!, is hereby amended to read as follows I <br /> <br />SECTION I <br /> <br />Definitions: "Sale" shall have its ordi.nary meaning and shall in addition <br />include any conveyance, grant, assignment, quit-claim, or transfer of ownership of <br />or title to real property, includini standin~ timber, or any estate or interest therein <br />for a valuable consideration, and any contract for such conveyance, grant assignment, <br />quit-elaim, or transfer, and any lease with an option to purchase real property, <br />including standing timber, or any estate or interest therein, or any contract under <br />which poasession of the property is given to the purchaser or any other person by his <br />direction while title is retained by the seller as security for the p~ent of the <br /> <br />purchase price, but shall not include transfers by gift, devise or inheritance-, ~ <br />! ~ ~.$! United States ~ ~ State 2! Washin~on, ~ ! transfer !?l appropriation <br />!?! decree ~ condemnation proceedings brou~ht & ~ United ~!!, ~~, .2!:! <br />municipal corporation, nor a transfer in oompliance with the terms of any lease or <br />contract upon which a tax as imposed by this ordinance has been paid or where such <br />lease or contract was entered into prior to May 1, 1951, nor to the sale of any grave <br />or lot in an established cemetery, nor a mortgage or other transfer of an interest in <br />real. property merely to secure a debt, ~ ~ assignment ~hereof; PROVIDED, any <br />transfer or conveyance pursuant to any proceedings for the foreclosure of any mortgage, <br />lien or other incumbrance, except a satisfaction thereof, whether executed by the <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />sheriff by public sale or by at110ne by publiC or private sale to satisty a debt shall <br />be subject to this tax. <br /> <br />t. <br /> <br />.!h! assignment .9.C: ~~her tansfer ~ ! seller's !nteres~ ~ ! contra~!2!: ~ <br />~ ~ !!!! property .2!. !!!l es'tiate .2!: interest therein, ~ though accompanied ~ ! <br />~nveyance 2!. ~ seller's interest ~ ~ .!!.!! property shall ~ :2! taxable under <br />~ ordinance where such a,ssignment .2!:. transfer was !!2! .2!!. E!: after SeJ>tember 21 1951, <br />b~t where ~ assigned contrac~ !! forfeited, foreclosed, 2! ctherwise ~ performesi.,. <br />~ ~ !!signee ~hereb;r obtains 1h! interest s:. the ~urchaser therein, ! taxable ~ <br />~ real property shall then be deem:ed to have occurred and the balance then due on <br />........... - - .......- ---- - ---- --- - <br /> <br />~ contract !:!? .!:!:! ~ :?!. forfe1 ture shal~ ~ deemed to .2! ~ selling p'!:ice. <br />