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<br />-,. <br />< Minutes, Week of January II, 1982 <br />Page 2 <br /> <br />Contract; Petroleum Products for West End, 1982: Commissioner <br />O'Meara made the motion to approve and sign acceptance ot this proposal/ <br />contract with Wes' Wholesale Distributing Company. Commissioner Mercer <br />seconded the motion. Unanimous. <br /> <br />Investment of County Funds: Chairman Brown signed a letter <br />to the State Attorney General requesting his opinion on investments <br />per motion of Commissioner O'Meara, seconded by Commissioner Mercer. <br /> <br />Jefferson County Judicial District: The entire Board signed <br />letters to Representatives Andrew Nisbet and Brad Owen and Senator <br />Paul Conner regarding proposed legislation to redistrict Jefferson and <br />Clallam Counties into separate judicial districts. <br /> <br />Approval of Bills: The Board reviewed/signed approval for <br />payment of December, 1981 bills to be paid in January, 1982. <br /> <br />Fence at Quilcene Little League Park: Following discussion, <br />and in response to communication trom C.L. SChafer, the Board decided <br />to have a fence erected at the park to prevent trespassing. Commis- <br />sioner Mercer moved to have the Chairman sign a letter to Mr. Schafer <br />relaying this decision. Commissioner O'Meara seconded. Unanimous. <br /> <br />BUSINESS FROM COUNTY DEPARTMENTS: <br /> <br />Community <br />Counseling re: <br />1/12/82 <br /> <br />1/12/82 <br /> <br />Planning re: <br />1/11/82 <br /> <br />1/11/82 <br /> <br />Sheriff re: <br />1/12/82 <br /> <br />Revisions to Alcoholism/Drug Abuse Program: Per <br />motion ot Commissioner O'Meara, seconded by Commissioner <br />Mercer, Chairman Brown signed the letter to the Office <br />of Alcoholism regarding revisions due to grant reduction. <br /> <br />Advance Travel Expenses: Commissioner Mercer made the <br />motion tor Chairman Brown to sign approval of funds <br />for Ruffin LeBrane and Charles Barker to attend a <br />conference in Salishan, Oregon. Commissioner O'Meara <br />seconded the motion. Unanimous. <br /> <br />SEPA Review; Percy H. Dunkle, SMSDP Application #23-81: <br />Peter Friedman presented the checklist and reviewed all <br />related matters on this proposal to install a sewer <br />and water system across a marsh area. Ann Hamilton <br />was present and objected to the installation on the <br />basis that the stream bed may shift, the seawall may <br />be washed away, and that an unsafe condition could <br />ultimately result. There was considerable discussion, <br />after which Commissioner Mercer made a motion to <br />approve and sign a Proposed Declaration of Non- <br />Significance. Commissioner O'Meara seconded the <br />motion. Commissioner Brown was absent. <br /> <br />SEPA Review; R.H. Handley, SMSDP Application #22-81: <br />Peter Friedman reviewed the checklist and there was <br />discussion regarding this application to install a <br />marine rail and deck. Commissioner Mercer seconded <br />the motion by Commissioner O'Meara to approve and <br />sign a Proposed Declaration of Non-Significance. <br />Commissioner Brown was out of town for a meeting. <br /> <br />City Bill for Animal Control: Lee Smith presented the <br />bill tor the last halt ot 1981 for animal control <br />services by the City. He indicated that not only does <br />he feel the amount is excessive, it is also not in <br />1ine with the contract agreement with the City. The <br />Board will discuss this matter with the Mayor and <br />Chief of Police. <br /> <br />"."" <br /> <br />VOL 8 rAG~ ~ 0 042 <br />