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<br />Health Board Meeting Minutes: April 25, 1989 <br /> <br />Page: 2 <br /> <br />Organizational Chart: The Health Department staff developed an <br />organizational chart at their Retreat which they will submit to the <br />Board for approval. <br /> <br />Dental Contract - Clallam Jefferson Community Action Council: This <br />contract amends the previous one, Kathy Stafford reported, to include <br />pass through money for a mobile dental unit. CAC has also agreed to <br />pay $15.00 per hour for administrative services provided by the Health <br />Department. The contract will be presented for the Commissioners <br />approval at their next meeting. <br /> <br />Dental Contract - Cyndi Newman: This is the contract for the dental <br />hygienist to do the work on this contract, Kathy Stafford reported. <br />The contract will be presented for the Commissioners approval at their <br />next meeting. <br /> <br />Facility: Kathy Stafford reported that she has heard that the Olympic <br />Area Agency on Aging has determined that they will be moved out of the <br />Multi Services building by June 1 and she advised the Board that she <br />just wanted to make sure that the Health Department's space needs are <br />considered when that space is re-allocated. <br /> <br />NURSES REPORT, The monthly statistics are attached to the <br />meeting agendas, Kathy Stafford noted and then she introduced Irene <br />Senior Pomeroy who is the Acting Director of Nursing. <br /> <br />Hiring of Director of Nursing - Status Report; The Director of <br />Nursing position has been advertised at the University of Washington <br />and in the Port Townsend Leader as well as sent to all of the local <br />Health Departments in the State. Two applications have been received <br />to date. The deadline for submitting applications is May 1, 1989. <br />Kathy Stafford asked that one of the Commissioners serve on the search <br />committee. <br /> <br />Communi ty Heal th Nursing Advisory Board: Irene Senior-Pomeroy reported <br />that she has one applicant for the six vacancies on this Advisory <br />Board. She will give a report next month after the Advisory Board's <br />first meeting. Dr. Geerlofs added that one suggestion made by the <br />staff at the Health Department retreat was to consider expanding the <br />Advisory Board to represent all the sections of the Health Department. <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DIRECTOR'S REPORT, The following items <br />were discussed: <br /> <br />Environmental Heal th Staffing: Food Specialist Salary: A salary <br />increase was given to the part time food specialist earlier this year, <br />Kathy Stafford reported. A survey was done of the salaries paid by <br />other Counties for equivalent position which was presented to the <br />Board. The Food Specialist has presented education workshops for <br />