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<br />Minutes, Health Board February 20, 1985 <br />Page 2: <br /> <br />wastes are allowed at this site. <br /> <br />* Follow up was begun on the Port Townsend Bay Sanitary survey done <br />by Department of Social and Health Services, The shoreline from <br />Chimacum Creek south to the bridge was covered in this survey, <br /> <br />ADMINISTRATOR'S REPORT: The financial report, Gael Stuart, <br />noted is on the bottom of the second page of the agenda. The revenues <br />are less than anticipated due to the City's quarterly payment not having <br />been received yet and the grant funds from the Maternal Child Health Grant <br />are not reflected because at the end of the year the funds are held until <br />the annual report is received and reviewed, <br /> <br />The expenditures reflect the single yearly payment to Clallam County <br />for the services they provide in the west end of the County. <br /> <br />James M. Witter; Letter of Appeal: Mr. Witter is appealing <br />the $15.00 On site Sewage System Permit Renewal fee because when he or- <br />iginally received his permit in August of 1982, the Ordinance did not <br />include a section for renewing permits. He also feels that the renewal <br />fee should not be charged because he is building a log house which takes <br />longer trumconventional construction and he is only doing the construction <br />on weekends and during vacations. <br /> <br />Gael Stuart was directed to draft a letter to Mr. Witter restating the <br />County's position for the Chairman's signature. <br /> <br />Marrowstone Island: Use of Old Church: Chairman Brown reported <br />that he received a call from a lady who advised him that the Building <br />Inspector had called and said that the Old Marrowstone Island Church could <br />not be used because there were no restroom facilities, and Chairman Brown <br />said he thought that situation had been resolved, by use of a porta potty, <br /> <br />Randy Durant reported that he had tried to call the contact person for the <br />church but had not been successful to date. Randy will contact Mike Ajax <br />the Building Inspector and Judy Petersen to see if the situation can be <br />resolved. <br /> <br />Letter from Battelle, Pacific Northwest Division: Brochures, <br />and reports were received from Battelle Northwest regarding the research <br />they have done on total and fecal coliform bacteria in clams from Sequim <br />Bay and on sources and fates of toxic metals in Puget Sound. They would <br />like to be considered to do any possible investigation of non-point bacterial <br />inputs into Quilcene Bay. <br /> <br />Letter from Charles R. Samples, Jr.; Lot 42 Griffith Point, <br />Marrowstone Island: Gael Stuart will write a letter tor the Chairman's <br />signature advising Mr. Samples that his letter will be put on the March <br />20, 1985 Board of Health agenda for consideration. <br /> <br />Brinnon Senior Center: Randy Durant has been working with <br />Peter Simpson of the Clallam Jefferson Community Action Council on the <br />proposed site for the Brinnon Senior Center, Commissioner Pitts advised <br />that a representative from the Department of Community Development will <br />