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Chimacum School District 2018-2019 Human Growth and Development <br />DISTRICT <br />Rick Thompson, Superintendent <br />P.O. Box 278 <br />Chimacum, WA 98325 <br />Section 5: Compensation: <br />The District will pay the County for agreed upon services not to exceed $9,531.32 for the <br />duration of this agreement described in Exhibit A, Scope of Work. Additional educational hours <br />may be added at the District's cost of $43.49 per hour, upon agreement of both parties herein. <br />Due to the variability of scheduling classes, County will bill monthly 1/10 of $953.13. <br />Section 6: Indemnification: <br />The District shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the County, its officers, agents, and <br />employees, from and against any and all claims, lawsuits, demands for money damages, losses, <br />or liability, or any portion thereof, including attorney fees and costs, arising from any injury to <br />persons or a person (including death or injury of any party to this Agreement or damage to <br />personal property) if said injury or damage was caused by negligent acts or omissions of the <br />District or its employees or representatives. In the event of concurrent liability, the District and <br />the County shall have the right of contribution in proportion to respective determined liability. <br />Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to waive immunities established pursuant to state <br />statute or to create third -party rights or immunities. <br />Section 7: Insurance: <br />1. The District shall, at its own expense, obtain and continuously maintain the following <br />insurance coverage. All insurers providing such insurance shall be licensed to do business in <br />the State of Washington and admitted by the Washington State Insurance Commissioner. <br />Coverage limits shall be the minimum limits identified in the Agreement, or the coverage <br />limits provided or available under the policies maintained by the District without regard to <br />the Agreement, whichever are greater OR the requirements of this subsection "a)" may be <br />satisfied by the District upon the District providing to the County proof of its current <br />membership in a governmental entity Risk Pool providing third party liability coverage or <br />joint self-insurance to the District with liability limits equal or exceeding those listed here: <br />i. General Commercial Liability - $1,000,000 Minimum, Each Occurrence <br />$2,000,000 Minimum, Annual Aggregate <br />Coverage shall include personal injury, bodily injury, property damage for Premises / <br />Operations Liability, Products / Completed Operations, Personal / Advertising Injury, <br />Contractual Liability, Independent Contractor Liability, and Stop Gap / Employer's Liability. <br />Coverage shall not exclude or contain sub -limits less than the minimum limits required, <br />