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<br />Health Board Minutes " August 20, 1991 <br /> <br />Page: 2 <br /> <br />ADMINISTRATOR'S REPORT <br /> <br />Financial Report: David Specter updated the Board on the budget <br />status. The Health Department has expended 58.5 percent of the budget. The <br />revenues are tracking slightly ahead of schedule at 60 percent overall. He noted that <br />telephone and travel expenditures are higher than expected, and that this reflects the <br />work being done. <br /> <br />Proaram/Grant Update: David Specter noted that program budgets and <br />grants being worked on (dental contract; A.I.D,S. contract; Coordinating Children's <br />Service program; and the W.I.C. program) have funding changes. He explained that <br />when all the program funding changes are considered, there are no major increases <br />and the budget evens out. The Consolidated Contract audit has been completed, <br />except for W.I.C., and the reviews were complimentary to the County with the one <br />criticism being the limited space from a safety and confidentiality standpoint. <br /> <br />Space Update: A discussion was held regarding the factors to consider <br />in relocating a portion of the Health Department and what alternatives are available. <br />A lease was proposed for the Castle Hill Mall for 10 years with $14.00 a square foot <br />for improvements. David Specter would like the proposal requoted for 5 years at <br />$20.00 a square foot for improvements. Changes in planning due to the possibility <br />of the Community Action Council and the Mental Health Departments moving out of <br />the Multi Services building were considered, Larry Fay noted that energy needs to be <br />directed to analyze each option so that a decision may be made. The Board <br />concurred. <br /> <br />ALETE (Automated Billina System): David Specter reported that <br />contracts for the ALETE System have been received and are under review. Tentative <br />training dates are planned and specifications for the hardware are being prepared. <br /> <br />APEX: Assessment Protocol for Excellence in Public Health: David <br />Specter reported that two meetings are scheduled in September to take the next step <br />of APEX. Scoring will be analyzed and a consensus score determined. This score <br />will provide indicators of strengths and weaknesses. An action plan will then be <br />developed. The majority of surveys were completed and returned. <br />