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deliverables relating to Shelter operations and finances in 2016 have been met. This License may <br />be extended upon written agreement mutually executed by the parties regarding the terms and <br />conditions. <br />3. LICENSE FEE: The License Fee is ten dollars ($10.00) for each year. The License Fee for 2014 <br />shall be paid after execution of this Agreement and no later than December 31, 2014, and on or <br />before January 31 of each license year thereafter. <br />4. FACILITY MAINTENANCE FEE: The Facility Maintenance Fee paid by the Humane Society in <br />2014 and 2015 shall be $0. The parties agree to review and negotiate the scope and responsibility <br />for facility maintenance and the Facility Maintenance Fee for 2016, and to establish the Facility <br />Maintenance Fee for 2016 by written Amendment to this License mutually executed on or before <br />September 30, 2015. <br />The Facility Maintenance Fee may include all or some of the following: <br />A. The annual maintenance costs as published in the Jefferson County annual <br />Facilities Cost Recovery calculation prepared in July of each year for the following year by the <br />Central Services Department, excluding any utilities paid directly by the Humane Society,; and <br />B. The annual depreciation costs for the facility as calculated in the annual <br />Jefferson County Cost Allocation prepared by the Auditor's office to cover the cost of major or <br />non -routine repair and maintenance and/or improvements to the facility. <br />As an illustration, if a Facility Maintenance Fee existed and were calculated for 2013 per the <br />method above, the total Facility Maintenance Fee would be calculated as follows: <br />ILLUSTRATION <br />Annual Maintenance Cost 2013: $ 25,138.00 <br />Depreciation 2013: $ 7,025.00 <br />Facility Maintenance Fee: $ 32,163.00 <br />Any Facility Maintenance Fee shall be paid in four equal quarterly installments on or before <br />January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31 of that year. Each installment shall be considered <br />the Facility Maintenance Fee applicable to the quarter of the year in which it is due, i.e., the <br />installment due on or before January 31, 2016 would be considered the Facility Maintenance Fee <br />for the 1st quarter of 2016. In case of the Humane Society's holdover past the expiration date of <br />the License or the date the License terminates, then the Facility Maintenance Fee, shall be 1/12th <br />of the then -current annual Facility Maintenance Fee amount calculated pursuant to the <br />methodology listed in Section 26 payable and due on or before the 10th of each month for that <br />current month of the holdover. <br />Animal Shelter License Agreement Page 3 of 19 <br />