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<br />Minutes, August 17, 1983 <br />Page 2: <br /> <br />The Olney's have had this property since 1976 and a curtain drain was <br />installed just last month. They want to put a one bedroom mobile home <br />without laundry facilities, on the site for use two or three months <br />each year. They purchased a third lot (#42) for privacy, realizing <br />that it would not perc, since the original owner was turned down for <br />a three bedroom house. <br /> <br />Dr. Fischnaller advised that the Health Department wants to help land- <br />owners do what they want with their land, but they agree with Triad <br />Associates on this property. There is not a good way to handle the <br />situation. <br /> <br />Mrs. Olney stated that they understand the property is not suitable <br />for a septic system and that's why they want permission for a holding <br />tank. They are using a privy now, but feel it is a hardship to not <br />be able to put in a holding tank. <br /> <br />She feels it is discrimination for the State to say that the cost is <br />prohibitive, since they don't know their financial position. It was <br />also mentioned to he that there may be trouble getting rid of waste <br />in Jefferson County, which would be a reason for denial of a holding <br />tank permit. She advised that she had talked to a man who does take <br />waste from this area. <br /> <br />Currently, the Olney's have a 19 foot trailer on the site, and they <br />own a 25 foot motor home which they don't want to drive back and forth <br />on the ferry. Randy advised that a non-permanent recreational vehicle <br />could be used with a privy permit. <br /> <br />John Pitts asked if a variance could be given to put a one bedroom <br />mobile home on the site with a privy. A mobile home requires a building <br />permit as well as a septic permit and a privy is not considered an <br />acceptable form of on site sewage disposal for a mobile home, even <br />though the impact may be no le$or greater for a recreational vehicle <br />that was occupied year around. It is less likely that a recreational <br />vehicle would be used as a permanent residence. <br /> <br />The Olney's don't want a mobile home any larger than a recreational <br />vechicle (maximum 12 x 35 feet) but they do want to leave their 19 <br />foot trailer on the property with the mobile. The property is hooked <br />up to an approved, pressurized, water system. <br /> <br />A composting privy was suggested by Commissioner Pitts, but Dr. Fischnaller <br />said there would still be a gray water problem. <br /> <br />Mrs. Olney advised that they would be willing to put up a bond and <br />contract with a company to dump the holding tank. The contract could <br />be written in such a way that it would be valid only during their own- <br />ership of the property and the permit for the holding tank would not <br />transfer if the property was sold. The Board advised her the County <br />could not do that. <br />