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13. Payment to the Contractor shall be made within thirty [30] days. The Director of the Department of <br />Community Development, for cause, may wbold payments owed the contractor for services rendered if <br />it is shown that the Contractor failed to satisfactorily comply with any terms or conditions of this contract <br />` and the Scope of Work, and shall notify the Contractor in writing prior to implementation of this provision. <br />Notice of any late payment schedule by the County shall be provided to the Contractor. <br />14. If any provision of this contract shall be deemed in conflict with any statute or rule of law, such provision <br />shall be deemed modified to be in accordance with said statute or rule of law. <br />15. The Scope of Work, contains all the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties. No other <br />understanding, oral, or otherwise, regarding the subject matter of this contract shall be deemed to exist <br />or bind either of the parties. <br />16. Each of the parties shalt, at all times, be solely responsible for the acts or the failure to act of its <br />personnel that occur or arise in any way out of the performance of this Agreement by its personnel only <br />and agree to save and hold the other party and its personnel and officials harmless from all costs, <br />expenses, losses and damages, including cost of defense, incurred as a result of any acts or omissions <br />of the party's personnel relating to the performance of this Agreement. <br />17. In the performance of the Agreement, Contractor may have access to certain confidential information. <br />Contractor agrees to protect confidential information of County against any unauthorized use or <br />disclosure. Without limitation of the foregoing: <br />a. Contractor will use such confidential information solely for the purposes of fulfilling the job <br />requirements; <br />b. Contractor will disclose such confidential information only to those employees, agents and <br />other representatives who have a need to know the same and who understand and <br />acknowledge their obligation and willingness to preserve and hold such confidential <br />information in strict confidence; <br />c. Contractor will not copy or authorize the copying of any document containing such confidential <br />information, except as authorized by the Director. <br />18. Any amendments or changes to this agreement must be mutually agreed to by both parties and made <br />in writing to become attached hereto. <br />SCOPE OF WORK <br />9%19/2006 <br />