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(3) Clinical Guidance as supplied by: <br />(a) FFT, Inc.; <br />(b) Local FFT Supervisor in formal consultation and any FFT site visits; <br />and <br />(c) FFT clinical assessments and subsequent treatment plans of youth <br />through FFT case -reporting system. <br />(d) The goal is for a full-time caseload or as close thereto as possible. <br />b. Youth shall be under the jurisdiction of the Jefferson County Juvenile Court's <br />Truancy and Family Early Intervention Project during the FFT intervention. <br />To assist in this supervision, the Contractor must share all pertinent <br />information with the Jefferson County Juvenile Services Probation <br />Officer/Supervisor. Pertinent information includes treatment progress such <br />as: in what FFT phase is the family currently working? (engagement, behavior <br />change, generalization); what is the general family theme? (i.e., anger implies <br />hurt); and what is the behavior change goal or target? (parenting skills, <br />communication etc). In addition, if a youth is in possession of a weapon, is at <br />risk to harm self or others, is the victim of abuse (reportable to Child <br />Protective Services), or is not showing for treatment appointments, the <br />probation counselor should be contacted. The Contractor shall safeguard <br />electronic and hard copy client information. <br />c. The Contractor shall submit reports to Jefferson County Juvenile Services as <br />defined by the FFT authors. <br />d. The Contractor shall notify and obtain written approval of the Juvenile Court <br />Administrator prior to any changes in subcontractors performing services <br />pursuant to this Agreement. <br />3. Billing Procedure <br />a. The Contractor shall submit an Invoice Voucher to Jefferson County Juvenile <br />Services no more than monthly for services provided. The breakdown for <br />payment of FFT Services is as follows: <br />The professional fees to be paid to Contractor with respect to FFT services <br />will be as follows: The maximum professional fee to be paid to Contractor <br />with respect to FFT services provided to a particular family that participates in <br />the intervention shall be Twenty Five Hundred Dollars ($2500.00). Contractor <br />is permitted to submit, in the interim, an Invoice Voucher to Jefferson County <br />Juvenile Services monthly for services provided at the rate of One Hundred <br />Ninety Dollars ($190.00) per session, except for Sessions 1 and 12, which <br />