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<br />HEALTH BOARD MINUTES - JULY 22, 1997 Page 2 <br /> <br />NURSING DIRECTOR'S REPORT <br /> <br />PROGRAM UPDATE: Jean Baldwin reported that 25 programs are being audited during the next <br />two months. She also stated that they didn't get the immunization grant funding that would allow the <br />Health Department to track immunizations, She will discuss this at the next Health Board meeting. <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DIRECTOR'S REPORT <br /> <br />Ecotec-License Review: Milton Foss. Owner: Larry Fay explained that Milton Foss, Ecotec, has <br />been licensed since October 1996 to pump septage from onsite sewage systems. Mr. Foss indicated on <br />his application that he would be dumping the septage at the city composting facility. The city <br />composting facility submits reports to the Health Department regarding who is dumping and how <br />many gallons. <br /> <br />In March, Linda Atkins contacted Mr. Foss, because there was no record that he was dumping at the <br />city's facility. Mr. Foss told Linda that he was using a holding tank on his property. She indicated that <br />he would have to get permitted to use the storage tank. On March 25, it was reported that Mr. Foss <br />dumped 1,000 gallons at the city composting facility. <br /> <br />By May 15, nothing more had been reported being dumped by Mr. Foss from the city composting <br />facility and a notice of violation was sent to Mr. Foss requesting reports regarding where he pumped <br />and where he had been taken the material. On May 20, Mr. Foss submitted several receipts from <br />Holdeman Trucking of Federal Way showing that they had hauled approximately 6,000 gallons of <br />septage for Mr. Foss but didn't indicate where it had been taken. Larry said that Holdeman Trucking is <br />not licensed to haul septage or sludge in Jefferson County. On May 29, a receipt for 1,000 gallons <br />was received from the city compo sting facility for material received from Ecotec, <br /> <br />Linda Atkins spoke to Randy Calkins, an Ecotec truck operator, at the Evergreen Coho Resort where <br />he indicated that over a two day period he would be removing about 12,000 gallons of septage. After <br />speaking to Mr. Calkins another receipt for 1,000 gallons was received from the city compo sting <br />facility. <br /> <br />Larry Fay stated that the number of gallons pumped and the receipts for dumping seemed to be out of <br />balance, This raised concerns about what was happening with the septage. Larry Fay stated that in the <br />absence of the information needed, he requests that Mr. Foss' license to operate be suspended. <br /> <br />Milton Foss. Ecotec: Mr. Foss indicated he has received the following patens from the U.S. <br />Government: I) 1985, a Chlorine Oxidation Waste Water Treatment Method; 2) 1995, Small Batch <br />Waste Material Treatment Apparatus and System; 3) 1996, a method for processing multiple small <br />batches of waste material. <br /> <br />Mr. Foss stated that when he applied for the license he told Linda Atkins that the holding tank, on the <br />property, contained 20,000 gallons of septage that was leftover from the previous owner. He was told <br />by the city compo sting facility that they would not take the septage because it was old. Mr. Foss also <br />indicated that the main purpose of the city composting facility is just to take the sludge from the Port <br />Townsend sewer plant. He feels it would not handle the amount of septage he has to dump. <br />