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I0. <br /> <br />11. <br /> <br />12. <br /> <br />Agenda: Week of February 8, 1999 <br /> <br />APPROVAL AND ADOPTION OF THE CONSENT AGENDA - Continued: <br /> <br />CONTRACT #EM999354 re: Local Assistance Grant Funding; Emergency Management <br />Services; Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Department of Emergency Management; <br />Washington State Military Department, Emergency Management Division <br /> <br />CONTRACT re: Services to Satisfy the intent of Resolution No. 103-98; Collaborative <br />Resolution of Issues Arising from the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort Designation; Ty <br />Tice, d,b.a. Mediation Services <br /> <br />AGREEMENT re: Provide Counsel for Indigent Defense Conflict of Interest Cases; <br />Jefferson County District and Superior Courts; John Raymond <br /> <br />DELETE: AGREEMENT re: Consultant Services; Wireless Service Facilities Ordinance Development; <br />Jefferson County Public Works; The Bookin Group (Approved later in Minutes p. 241) <br /> <br />DELETE: AGREEMENT re: Consultant Services; Cable Television Regulation Development; Jefferson <br />County Public Works; 3H Cable Communications Consultants (Approved later in Minutes p. 241) <br /> <br />DELETE: AGREEMENT #ICA~98125, Supplement #1 re: Extending Term of Agreement from <br />December 31, t998 to June 30, 1999; Jefferson County Superior Court; State of Washington Office of the <br />Administrator for the Courts (Approved later in Minutes p. 241) <br /> <br />LETTER OF AGREEMENT re: Medical Benefits as Provided Through the Retail <br />Clerks Welfare Trust - Retiree Coverage; UFCW 1001 <br /> <br />Request for Grant Funding, $6,666.00; Little League Grant Fund; Port Townsend Little <br />League <br /> <br />Accept Recommendation t° Pay Three (3) Claims and Reject Two (2) Claims: <br />- Pay Claim #C-30-98, Genny Randall/Robert Randall, Damaged Power Lines; <br /> $3,704.71 <br />- Pay Claim #C-31-98, Brinnon Community Church, Damaged Power Lines and <br /> Water Lines; $405.25 <br />- Pay Claim #C-38-98, Whitney Howard, Damaged Vehicle; $689.62 <br />- Reject Claim #C-39-98, Reed Gunstone, Damaged Property; $1,000,000+ <br />- Reject Claim #C-40-98, Mike Belenski, Failure to Provide Information; $100.00 per <br /> day <br /> <br />Resignation of Olympic Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council (O3A) Member; Rusty <br />North <br /> <br />TIdE COMMISSIONERS MAY ADD AND TAKE ACTION ON OTHER ITEMS <br /> NQT LISTED ON TI-I~S AGENDA, <br /> Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodations Provided Upon Request <br /> PAGE 2 <br /> <br /> <br />