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shall establish a regular meeting schedule and meeting place.'N <br />The C.O.G. may meet as needed upon special call. The C.O.G. <br />shall promulgate by-laws governing the questions such as <br />meeting format, quorum, voting, financing and other objectives <br />as set forth in this agreement. The parties further jointly <br />agree that Grays Harbor County shall be responsible for the <br />fiscal management of the AREA AGENCY ON AGING. <br />3 POWERS: The Grays Harbor--Pacific--Jefferson-- <br />Clallam C.O.G. shall have the power to develop an area plan on <br />aging, receive and administer funds granted for programs and <br />services for elderly and disabled persons; establish a budget <br />for funds appropriated by the state for administering the area <br />agency; hire any necessary personnel and expend funds for <br />necessary services identified in the "Area Plan"; and any <br />other powers expressly granted by the enabling legislation <br />referred to heretofore in this agreement. <br />4. FISCAL MANAGEMENT: Grays Harbor County shall be <br />responsible for the Area Agency's fiscal management. Grays <br />Harbor County shall maintain vouchers covering all <br />expenditures authorized by the annual budget adopted by the <br />C.O.G. <br />5. ADVISORY COUNCIL: The C.O.G. shall establish an <br />advisory council consisting of up to eighteen (18) people. <br />Each member county will appoint four (4) resident <br />representatives. The C.O.G. shall also appoint one (1) <br />representative from a major ethnic/racial minority group and <br />one (1) locally elected official, the latter of whom may be <br />one of the resident representative. <br />6. PERSONNEL: Insofar as is practical within the <br />limitations of funds granted to the AREA AGENCY ON AGING by <br />the STATE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL AND HEALTH SERVICES and other <br />federal, state, local and other funding sources, it is the <br />intention of the C.O.G. to employ a project staff including, <br />but not limited to an Executive Director and a Fiscal Officer. <br />The selection and appointment of the Executive Director shall <br />be the responsibility of the C.O.G. Recruiting and hiring of <br />all other staff personnel for the Area Agency shall be the <br />responsibility of the Executive Director. All area staff <br />personnel shall be considered employees of the C.O.G. which <br />shall be responsible for establishing personnel guidelines; <br />job descriptions; salary schedules; and fringe benefits. All <br />counties participating as members of the Area Agency C.O.G. <br />shall be jointly and severally liable for the acts of Area <br />Agency's staff employees. Furthermore, all participating <br />counties shall be jointly and severally liable for any <br />liability which may arise as a result of the operation of the <br />AREA AGENCY ON AGING. <br />