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<br />HEALTH BOARD MEETING MINUTES - JANUARY 21, 1993 <br /> <br />Page 2 <br /> <br />equipment for the SAFE program. The overage in clinical supplies was largely due to <br />traveler's vaccines and Hepatitis B vaccmes. <br /> <br />Jerome Parnes, ARNP asked if he could get a copy of the figures spent on the SAFE <br />program and if the County is reimbursed through law enforcement? David Specter stated <br />those figures can be provided. The program is paid for by reimbursements from the <br />Crime/Victims program. The equipment for the program was purchased with donations. <br /> <br />David Specter reported that 95.7% of budgeted revenues were collected as of December 31, <br />1992. Grants were over the projections partially due to the elimination of a half-time <br />position in the solid waste enforcement grant. Fees however, were below projections. <br />Nursing reimbursements are down due to medicaid funds for the WIC program that were <br />anticipated but not received. Environmental Health fee projections are under budget due to <br />fee increases that were projected to be in effect earlier than they were, and the volume of <br />permit~ was not as high as expected. Inter-fund charges reflect the discontinuation of two <br />programs: the household hazardous waste program and water quality. <br /> <br />The actual budget was $1,035.904, with Revenue funding 60.9% and current expense funding <br />39.1%. Current expense funded an additional $24,333 to cover the 2.5% variance. <br /> <br />David Specter asked the Board how they would like to receive the Health Department's <br />monthly financial information and how detailed the information should be? Acting Chairman <br />Hinton stated that the monthly financial reports can be sent to the Commissioners' office. <br />The members will read the information prior to the meetings and any questions they may <br />have can be asked at the meetings. <br /> <br />DIRECTOR OF NURSING'S REPORT <br /> <br />WOMEN'S STD PROGRAM UPDATE: Jean Baldwin explained that in the past she <br />has provided the Board with changes in programs and information regarding issues she feels <br />the public might ask the Board about. The Womens STD program is being staffed internally <br />by reassigning staff duties. A nurse practicioner will be attending a week long training <br />session at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and another person is being trained to back- <br />up this position. Their goal is to open the clinic by mid-February. Prior to opening, a <br />press release will be sent to the Leader, Peninsula Daily News and Bremerton Sun news <br />papers. They have budgeted 3 cases per week and the clinic is limited to Jefferson County <br />since it is not known how great a need there is. They have also been working with the <br />medical communities to set up referral systems. A manual is being developed on internal <br />procedures. <br /> <br />WEST END UPDATE: The Health Department contracted with Clallam County to <br />provide nursing services to the West End. After advertising the position for several months <br />Clallam County had no response, so the Health Department had to provide the services with <br />an internal staff member. Frequency of visits were every six weeks, however, with the <br />school contract and hepatitis B contract with the Clearwater Corrections facility, more visits <br />have been necessary. She added that WIC and other State programs are focusing on the <br />