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<br />HEALTH BOARD MINUTES - March 15,2001 <br /> <br />Page: 2 <br /> <br />lowering the cost of the service. He suggested that Staff establish inspection criteria, interim licensing <br />procedures. and a filing fee for the Department to process and track the paperwork. <br /> <br />To clarify the difference between an O&M inspection and a basic inspection. Larry Fay said that the <br />samc inspection procedure and form are uscd whcther an inspection is triggered by a sale or is a routine <br />inspection. The differences are the kind of system and the inspection frequency. <br /> <br />AGENDA <br /> <br />The agenda was revised to include an update regarding Linda Sexton's solid waste violation and <br />a Discussion of the Peninsula Daily News article "Jefferson County may alter septic permit procedures." <br /> <br />OLD BUSINESS <br /> <br />Update re: Solid Waste Violation: Linda Sexton: Larry Fay reported that the Board directed <br />staff to review the Solid Waste Rule and Enforcement Procedures and create an enforceable framework <br />for such violations. Staff has since reviewed King County's code and specifically a chapter which <br />outlines a uniform compliance procedure that applies to all rules and regulations adopted in the County. <br /> <br />Charles Saddler reported that in consideration of adopting a similar compliance code in Jefferson <br />County, Staff has requested a cost estimate for code development and review. Grant funding for code <br />development and prosecution of those in violation may also be available. Another idea discussed is <br />expanding the commission of the animal control officer to allow citations on certain health code <br />violations. Staff agreed to provide a brief update at the next meeting. <br /> <br />Update re: Community Health Indicators: Jean Baldwin reported that Dr. Chris Hale has <br />been involved in various meetings in the law and justice community. Aside from a steering committee <br />meeting to decide what indicators to target, she also met with Domestic Violence and the coroner <br />regarding their data tracking systems. <br /> <br />Update re: Joint Board Works!roup Process and Preparation for 5/22/01 Health Access <br />Summit: Dr. Tom Locke said the workgroup, including Member Masci, representing the Health Board <br />and Chuck Russell, representing the Hospital Commission, has been planning a health access summit <br />which is now tentatively scheduled for May 22, 2001. The work group will meet on March 27 and April <br />24 to finalize their recommendations. Dr. Locke distributed and reviewed an outline of the summit, <br />including the agenda and the invitation list. He noted that the strategy being proposed is the development <br />of a local health authority. Both the Health and Hospital Boards are being asked for their input. He <br />believes it will be important to spend some time at the summit reviewing the problems and impacts to <br />the community, including economic impacts. <br /> <br />Vice Chairman Westerman and Member Masci suggested modifications to the invitation list as follows: <br />