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<br />Minutes, April 18, 1984 <br />Page 2: <br /> <br />Commissioner O'Meara moved to approve the watver contingent on the project <br />meeting other Health Department requirements relating to water supply, <br />sewage and facilities. Commissioner Pitts seconded the mo~ion. Unanimous. <br /> <br />Ernest Criez rei Action on variance request: (See also minutes <br />of the March 21, 1984 meeting) Chairman Brown reported that the Board <br />had visited the site and asked for additional comments from Mr. Criez or <br />Dennis Hanburg of Pac Tech Engineers who were in attendance. <br /> <br />Dennis Hanburg noted that many questions had been answered by Doctor <br />Fischnaller and Randy Durant, but he did not feel the question of the set <br />back from Mean High Water or bulkhead had been addressed. He then pre- <br />sented pictures of the high tide taken that morning. After more discussion <br />on this point, Randy Durant reiterated that the Health Department uses <br />as a common and consistent practice, the Department of Social and Health <br />Services (DSHS) interpretation on how this measurement is ~o be taken, <br />which is the same procedure that is sta~ed clearly in the new regulations. <br /> <br />Commissioner Pitts submitted that the placement of a mound septic system <br />on this property is beyond being considered just "tight". He noted that <br />he would feel better about granting a variance for a normally accepted <br />septic system, since the mound system technology is relatively new, but <br />a normal system won't fit on the property within the required setbacks. <br /> <br />Commissioner O'Meara added that after two hours at ~he site making many <br />measurements to see if a solution was possible, he had to go along with <br />the Health Officer's recommendation and moved to refuse the variance request <br />at this time. Commissioner Pitts seconded the motion. Unantmous. <br /> <br />Dennis Hanburg was informed that an appeal would have to be made through <br />Superior Court. In response to Mr. Criez's question of what is considered <br />a hardship, he was advised that that would have to be determined by the <br />Courts. <br /> <br />Revised contract to reflect raise for contract employees: Contraclli <br />for Danielle McClannahan, Gillian Abshire and Jeanne Hibbard were signed <br />as approved by motion on February 15, 1984. <br /> <br />Organization of the agenda: Gael Stuart noted a need for re- <br />organization ot the agenda to allow more efficient use of the Board's time <br />and to facilitate scheduling to allow reports on various areas of depart- <br />ment operations that are not now being discussed due to the time being <br />allotted to hearing appeals. <br /> <br />Reports from the Directors of Nursing and Environmental Health on their <br />programs and problems could be an educational process for ~he Commissioners <br />and the Mayor which will help them be better informed to make decisions <br />at budget time. <br /> <br />Mayor Brent Shirley agreed that if he has knowledge of problems that <br />occur within the City, such as with restaurants, he may be able to provide <br />some assistance in their resolution. <br />