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<br />Health Board Meeting Minutes of July 18, 1989 Page: 2 <br />Proposed Meetino with the Caoe Georoe Sewer District commissioners: Having <br />a Health Board meeting with the Cape George Sewer District commissioners at <br />Cape George has been discussed, Kathy Stafford reported. She has contacted <br />the Cape George Sewer District commissioners and they have agreed that such <br />a meeting could be held in September. Kathy will make the necessary <br />arrangements. <br /> <br />Prenatal Care Prooram Grant: The State has revised their funding for the <br />prenatal care program and these services are now covered by Medicaid. <br />previously the program funding paid doctors for their services. The state <br />has advised that the program funding provided for the balance of this year <br />can be used by the County to develop their own program. Kathy Stafford <br />proposed that the $4,300 in funding for the balance of the year, be used to <br />bring the part time nurse on full time in October through December to do a <br />needs assessment, explore the feelings of the Doctors about the Health <br />Department providing these services to Medicaid persons, and if the need is <br />there to develop a maternity support program. <br /> <br />Dr. Geerlofs reported that he knows of two physicians that will be giving up <br />doing this type of work within the next year. The Board concurred that these <br />program funds be used as proposed. <br /> <br />DIRECTOR OF NURSING REPORT: Irene Senior Pomeroy reported that the <br />following people have been hired for nursing positions with the Department: <br />Dennis Langlois, Public Health Nurse II to serve in Julianne Flemings place <br />while she is on a leave of absence. Barbara Anderson, Project Manager, for <br />the Parent Aid Program grant from the washington Association for Abuse and <br />Neglect, Lois Twelves, Physical Therapist, and Mary Tudor, Interagency <br />coordinating Council Coordinator for the Birth to 6 project. <br /> <br />Immunization Clinics have been held in Quilcene and another one will be held <br />in Quilcene before school starts. <br /> <br />AIDS: The informational signs on AIDS have been installed on the Transit <br />busses and AIDS education sessions will be held monthly at the County Jail. <br />There have also been an increase in calls for AIDS counseling and testing. <br /> <br />Port Townsend Leader: Dr. Geerlofs has finished an article about the Health <br />Department which will run as a series in the Port Townsend Leader. Irene <br />Senior Pomeroy will talk with the Leader Publisher, Frank Garred, about how <br />long these articles will run. There are two articles ready to go right now. <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DIRECTOR REPORT: Statistics for the <br />Environmental Health Section were presented by Kathy Stafford in the absence <br />of an Environmental Health Director. The following items were also <br />presented: <br /> <br />Janet Welch - Policy for Well Setbacks: Janet Welch, Septic Sense, has <br />applied for variances for well setbacks on two properties, Kathy Stafford <br />reported. The variance requests are for a reduction in the septic system <br />setback from a neighboring properties well from 100 feet to 75 feet. The <br />Health Department asked that a notarized statement from the adjacent property <br />owner agreeing to the setback variance, be provided. <br />