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<br />HEALTH BOARD MINUTES - MAY 28, 1997 <br /> <br />Page 2 <br /> <br />Board concurred. David Specter added that he has talked with the State Secretary of Health and he is <br />willing to come and meet with the new members. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />DIRECTOR'S REPORT <br /> <br />FINANCIAL REPORT: David Specter reported that expenses are in line with budget <br />projections. After a detailed analysis, performed by the Health Department, it was found that revenues <br />were down due to a lag in the billing process. They have corrected that problem and grant payments are <br />expected to be received soon. Commissioner Harpole stated that the advertising expense is 48% expended <br />and asked ifthere is cause for concern? David Specter replied that it is a small budget line and there is no <br />reason to be alarmed. <br /> <br />PROGRAM UPDATE: David Specter reported that they have applied for continued funding for <br />the Regional Partnership grant (Clallam, Jefferson and Kitsap) and the Local Partnership grant (Jefferson <br />County and Jefferson General Hospital) for an additional year. David Specter noted that the grant funding <br />was used for staffing and assessment needs. The Regional Partnership is considering a behavioral risk <br />factor survey with the population of all 3 Counties which will provide some good information. <br /> <br />'4:6 NURSING DIRECTOR'S REPORT <br /> <br />PROGRAM UPDATE: Jean Baldwin noted that they are applying for a grant from the State <br />Office of Community and Rural Health for the development of a data base used for tracking immunization <br />records. There is a letter from KPS supporting the creation of this data base (see attached). Jean also <br />stated that if the County does not receive the grant they will be asking KPS for a contribution. <br />Commissioner Harpole asked if there is an issue regarding privacy? Jean said that she believes <br />immunizations fall under a different category, however, if they receive the grant they will work with the <br />Prosecuting Attorney's Office regarding that issue. <br /> <br />@> ALCOHOL and DRUG ABUSE SERVICES DIRECTOR'S REPORT <br /> <br />PROGRAM UPDATE: Chester Prudhomme reported that the State contract is up for renewal on <br />July 1, 1997. He has served on the Association of County Human Services Organization for the last two <br />years. In which they have been working on this contract and have consolidated it considerably. <br /> <br />Chester then reported that the State is giving Jefferson County $45,000, over the next 2 years, to meet <br />immediate needs for the detox program. He intends to use the funding to contract with the hospital for bed <br />space and some medical personnel. <br /> <br />Chester stated that as ofJuly 1st the State will increase the County's allocation over the next 2 years to <br />$108,000 in addition to the regular funding. This funding is to be used where it is needed most in the <br />County. <br /> <br />He also reported that the State Department of Corrections has funding available for Jefferson County <br />($5,100 over 2 years) for treatment programs of inmates. <br />