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<br />HEALTH BOARD MINUTES -MARCH 25, 1997 <br /> <br />Page: 2 <br /> <br />elected officials or a percentage of representation of all members. David Specter reported that <br />under RCW 70,05,060 Powers and Duties of Local Board of Health (7), fee schedules could be <br />set by a majority of the Health Board. Chainnan Huntingford stated that he is not comfortable <br />with the possibility that a majority of the Health Board could overrule the County Commissioners <br />in setting fee schedules. Commissioner Harpole asked if specific language could be put in to say <br />that two of the three County Commissioners must be present? David Specter replied, yes. The <br />way it is currently written, only two elected officials have to be present. This could mean one <br />elected official from the City and one from the County. Chainnan Huntingford explained that the <br />primlll)' reason for his support of expanding the Health Board was for additional public input on <br />health issues, Commissioner W ojt suggested that items could be presented at one meeting, with <br />no action taken until the following meeting. Commissioner Harpole then suggested a quorum of <br />at least two (2) County Commissioners at the meetings where action is requested, Chainnan <br />Huntingford asked staff their honest opinion on the expansion of the Health Board? The <br />consensus was that they are excited about the additional members and community input. <br />Commissioner Wojt moved that a letter be sent to the Prosecuting Attorney and Risk <br />Manager along with the draft ordinance for their review. The issues that were discussed <br />today, primarily the quorum requirements (a majority of County Commissioners must be <br />present) are to be stated in the Ordinance. Commissioner Wojt added that a procedure for <br />dismissal of a non-conforming member be included in the ordinance. Dr. Locke asked if the <br />Board had a problem with where the Hospital Official lived, For example the Health Board could <br />consist of one City and two County members depending on where the Hospital representative <br />lives. You could also have two City and one County member. The Board concurred that it did <br />not matter where the Hospital representative lived, Commissioner Harpole seconded the motion <br />which carried by a unanimous vote, David Specter would like this ordinance ready for approval <br />on the County Commissioner's agenda during Health Week, April 7-15. <br /> <br />AiL <br />-- <br /> <br />DIRECTOR'S REPORT <br /> <br />FINANCIAL REPORT: David Specter reported that 16% of the budget has been <br />expended and 15.1% of budgeted revenues have been collected as of Februlll)' 28, 1997, Grants <br />are tracking a little behind due to year end payments, Expenses are in line with budget <br />projections, <br /> <br />David Specter stated that the Health Department applied for and received a one time <br />$10,000 grant for a sealant project under the dental program that is subcontracted with <br />Community Action CounciL This money will be used for start up costs, upgrading portable <br />equipment and administering the program. Patients who have sealants applied to teeth before the <br />age of six have virtually no cavities. <br /> <br />Starting in 1998, the State Board of Health will be picking five pilot Counties for the <br />Consolidated Contract Program, This will allow counties to be more flexible in using the funds <br />