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THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into as shown in the "Execution Date" box on page one (1) of this <br />AGREEMENT, between the Local Agency of Jefferson County, Washington <br />hereinafter called the "AGENCY," and the "Firm / Organization Name" referenced on page one (I) of this <br />AGREEMENT, hereinafter called the "'CONSULTANT." <br />WHEREAS, the AGENCY desires to accomplish the work referenced in "Description of Work" on page one (1) <br />of this AGREEMENT and hereafter called the "SERVICES;" and does not have sufficient sta f to meet the required <br />commitment and therefore deems it advisable and desirable to engage the assistance of a CONSULTANT to provide <br />the necessary SERVICES, and <br />WHEREAS, the CONSULTANT represents that they comply with the Washington State Statutes relating <br />to professional registration, if applicable, and has signified a willingness to furnish consulting services to <br />the AGENCY. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the terms, conditions, covenants, and performance contained herein, <br />or attached and incorporated and made a part hereof, the parties hereto agree as follows: <br />I. General Description of Work <br />The work under this AGREEMENT shall consist of the above-described SERVICES as herein defined, and <br />necessary to accomplish the completed work for this project. The CONSULTANT shall furnish all services, labor, <br />and related equipment and, if applicable, sub -consultants and subcontractors necessary to conduct and complete the <br />SERVICES as designated elsewhere in this AGREEMENT. <br />II. General Scope of Work <br />The Scope of Work and projected level of effort required for these SERVICES is described in Exhibit "A" attached <br />hereto and by this reference made a part of this AGREEMENT. The General Scope of Work was developed <br />utilizing performance based contracting methodologies. <br />General Requirements <br />All aspects of coordination of the work of this AGREEMENT with outside agencies, groups, or individuals shall <br />receive advance approval by the AGENCY. Necessary contacts and meetings with agencies, groups, and/or <br />individuals shall be coordinated through the AGENCY. The CONSULTANT shall attend coordination, progress, <br />and presentation meetings with the AGENCY and/or such State, Federal, Community, City, or County officials. <br />groups or individuals as may be requested by the AGENCY. The AGENCY will provide the CONSULTANT <br />sufficient notice prior to meetings requiring CONSULTANT participation. The minimum required hours or days' <br />notice shall be agreed to between the AGENCY and the CONSULTANT and shown in Exhibit "A." <br />The CONSULTANT shall prepare a monthly progress report, in a form approved by the AGENCY, which will <br />outline in written and graphical form the various phases and the order- of performance of the SERVICES in sufficient <br />detail so that the progress of the SERVICES can easily be evaluated. <br />The CONSULTANT, any sub -consultants, and the AGENCY shall comply with all Federal, State, and local laws, <br />rules, codes, regulations, and all AGENCY policies and directives, applicable to the work to be performed under <br />this AGREEMENT. This AGREEMENT shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of the State <br />of Washington. <br />Agreement Number: <br />Local Agency A&E Professional Services Negotiated Hourly Rate Consultant Agreement Page 2 of 14 <br />Revised 11101/2017 <br />